Friday, April 29, 2005 

The Blitz

When I do things, they have to be done blitz style. I'm not a very patient person and I like things done all at once. I'm an instant gratificaiton type of girl.

Today is devoted to email blitzing prospective men on friendster. I just realized that for $80 I can take a round trip train from EL to Chicago. It's about the same time it takes tho drive the trip and the greatest thing is you can sleep the entire way. So beacuse of this revelation, I've decided to start dating Chicago men again. I used to do that in college. Schedule multiple dates on the same night in Chicago, drive up, have drinks with the first date and dinner with the second, and then drive back to South Bend. All in a Saturday night.

I really don't see why I can't do that now. It's not like I have anything to attend to while I'm in Lansing over the weekends. Might as well date. And if I strike it good, I can start getting the guys to pay for the train ticket!

Thursday, April 28, 2005 

Not that you care, but here’s what I have to say.

I’m at a fairly happy place now. I really wish I would stop getting so sleepy. I went to bed at 9:00 last night for no apparent reason. I was exhausted. I did talk to Amy last night though. Cancer free! I was so excited to hear that. See folks, prayer really works.

I want to become a better writer of my blog. I feel that it’s just a place for me to rehash who I did or did not sleep with on the weekend. And that’s cool. I mean, my friends can keep track of who I’m doing, but sometimes I want more. However, now that’s I’m starting to write this, I’m finding that I really don’t have much more to talk about.

I’m going to Detroit on Saturday. I think I’m having lunch with Steph too. I’m getting her a Baby Einstein video for her soon to be born kid. You know I don’t like children, but I feel it’s important for the child to be smart.

Speaking of kiddies, it was take your germ infested child to work day. I was less than happy.

Then we went to this conference where the guys had to give a presentation. For some reason everyone there was on their cell phone trying to look cool. I wanted to fit in so I called Kipper and talked to him while checking out all the lonely convention goers. Why are all men in MI married? Every moderately attractive male I saw had a ring on. It was disappointing.

I’m calling the wife of the man who hit on me on Saturday night. I like her. I think we should do dinner sometime. I hope she likes me too. Maybe together we can take all her husband’s money from him. Plus, I kinda want a friend.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005 

I'm out of clever (or is it cleaver) titles

I’ve decided that Mr. Corp. America is not that smart. I was at a work event last night and boss man and I ran into him. I’m totally over him not calling me back. I mean, he’s dead to me. So we exchange pleasantries and he gives me a huge, “Hey Kiki!*” I said hello. Then I watched him closely. Someone gave him a pen and he couldn’t figure out how it worked. I really don’t remember what he was saying b/c I was stupefied with how hard he was trying to figure out how the pen worked. After about a whole minute (I kid you not) my boss snatched the pen away from him and opened it himself. Somehow he lost all brownie points with that. I think he also forgot that he called me to do lunch. Sigh. Oh well.

So, after running into Mr. Corp I mingled some more. And then I ran into Bill Gates. I had run into him earlier that day, but neither of us spoke to each other. Well, he runs into me and says, “Hello Kiki. I saw you earlier today and I didn’t say anything.” I was floored! Bill Gates said hello to me. I told him that I see him everywhere and he laughed. I was surprised that it was so easy to talk to him. I was expecting him to be really stuck up. So yeah for me.

*we all know kiki is not my real name

Monday, April 25, 2005 

American Idol?


Remember the guy on season 1 of AI who couldn't sing and who's parents are deaf? He's in a movie that's showing in Chicago. Read about it here.

Sunday, April 24, 2005 

Fun with the Neighbor

Yesterday turned out to be rather cool. My neighbor finally invited me over to his place. He told me he was having an NFL Draft party, and wanted me to come. I went over with a 6 pack and it was a good time. There were only 2 other guys there and they fell in love with me. They told me they were going out to the bars in Mason at 8P (yeah, early, right) and I was coming with them.

Flash forward to 720 when these boys come knocking on my door asking me to do shots with them! So off we go to ‘The Mason Jar.’ Yeah. It’s Mason, y’all. Just go with it. Apparently is Karaoke night on Sat. so I was pumped. Me and the older guy ended up singing together and the crowd wasn’t really feeling it. Mason is kinda weird like that. You know I wanted to break into some Mariah or Whitney, but the boys advised me it wasn’t that type of bar. So we stuck to the Bon Jovi and a lil 80s rock. It was Notre Dame all over again. Well as the night goes on, the guy approaches me and wants me to meet his wife. I was so sure he was gonna ask me to make out with her. Turns out he just wanted me to sing with her cause she was shy. The couple was great. Early 30s. They both went to law school and now lived in Mason. They were cool. So the bar closed at Midnight (I KNOW!) and I invited everyone back to my neighbor’s house.

Oh, by the way, the husband picks up my friends’ tab. They were in hog heaven.

So things are going well at my neighbor’s house until Husband pulls me aside and slurs, “I’ll give you anything you want…Vuitton…Coach…anything. As long as you’re discrete.” Um, excuse me. Number one, your wife is in the next room. Number two, that’s pathetic. So the boys were getting a lil pissed with husband. He was sloppy drunk and continually talked about all the things his parents bought him and how rich he was. It was pretty unfortunate because we all liked his wife. He was just a complete dick. So, I had the pleasure of escorting him out. His wife was so apologetic! I may call her this week. She was cool. Of course, when I’m nowhere near her sleazy husband.

So now that the excitement was over, we all settled in to watch a movie. Kill Bill 2. I went next door and got a blanket and pillow and moved in on my neighbor’s cute friend. Well one guy went to sleep on the couch and my neighbor went to bed. I told my floor mate that I was going home. I wasn’t gonna sleep on the floor when I had the option of sleeping in a bed. And he was invited to come along too. Silly boy didn’t take the bait. See, this is why I don’t date people under 30 (he was 23). Anyone over 30 would have did me on the floor in front of his friends and would have definitely taken the offer to sleep at my place. He could have even made it back before anyone knew he was missing.

Oh well, we’re all having Scotch and Eggs this morning. They better be good eggs!

Edited because I always forget things: Like the NASCAR fan who almost got in a fight with the boys, and the Bulldozer driver I tried to pick up. Let me explain. There was this guy who looked about 19 in the bar. I asked him what he did and he told me he was a bulldozer driver. I responded by asking if he moved dirt from one place to another and I told him his profession was hot. He later almost got in a fight with the boys and had to be escorted out of the bar. I'm tellin' you. The Dukes of Hazard had nothing on this place. It was straight up redneck!

Friday, April 22, 2005 

I miss rockers.

I have a major complaint with today’s so called ‘rockers.’ What the hell are they teaching our youth? Maroon 5, Keane, Coldplay (my goodness the lead singer got Gwyneth Paltrow knocked up….and then married her!)? Y’all aren’t rockers. You’re boy bands with bad haircuts. You know who rockers are? Gun ‘n Roses, Red Hot Chili Peppers (back in the day), hell, even the Beatles were rockers later on in their career.

To me, bands shouldn’t exist unless the lead singer is so strung out that he can’t stand to perform on stage. There needs to be alcoholism, a string of coke filled models, band break ups and reunions. Do you really think the Backstreet Boys will ever make an E! True Hollywood Story? I want more raw emotion. I want Whitesnake, Poison…men so fucked up they can’t remember their names. I want Entertainment Tonight to introduce me to drugs I’ve never heard of….that some rocker died of an overdose from! Multiple trips to rehab. Snoritng coke from body parts. Bastard children. That’s what rock is all about. Oh yeah, and the music.

Thursday, April 21, 2005 

All my punishment in one dose

I feel like God is punishing me for all the bad things I have done and will do right now. I kinda like that. That only means my life can get that much better.

Pity Party Man had a death grip on me last night. I was driving home and got really depressed. It’s weird cause I obviously had a great weekend. It’s just that this week sucks. I liked living in R.O. Even when I didn’t have a bf, I had the option of getting laid every week. And although sex is the furthest thing from my mind right now, there’s something about hooking up. To know for those brief hours that you belong totally to one person. It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t call you back the next day. Or the next week. It’s the satisfaction that for an evening, you belonged totally to him. And that’s clearly the next best thing to having a bf.

I don’t even have that option where I live. I don’t want a bf. Hell, lately I’ve been completely turned off by sex. I think it’s the attention that I miss. Knowing that there is a man thinking about you. About your body. Your ass. Whether they want it for a lifetime or a weekend is inconsequential. It’s just the fact that they want it.

I went to a work function last night. It was hard. There was no one there I felt I could relate to. And my criteria for men are pretty low. Either rich or pretty. (I didn't mention it, but old is a requirement. There's no negotiation on that one!) If I get that combo, I hit the jackpot (Hot Bod). However I can deal with pretty but not rich, but I prefer rich but not pretty. Rich but not pretty are more loyal. They feel that at any moment, you could leave...which in my case, would be very true. I couldn’t even get that last night. So I got depressed.

I talked to Steph last night and we’re having lunch on the 30th. I also told her that I want to volunteer at the hospital to start meeting people who aren’t so closely related to my line of work. She thought that was a good idea. Her husband’s a Dr. and he’s cute. Maybe all the cute people around here are Dr.s too.

So that’s my complaint. Oh, and to top it off, after having 80 degree weather on Monday, it’s supposed to snow this weekend. So, I feel that God is giving me all my medicine straight up. He says, “Kiddo, if you can stick this out for five years, the rest of your life will be wonderful and you’ll live in a great city with a great job and plenty of eligible men.” Thanks God. I’m counting on that.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005 

One More Funny about this past weekend...


So I forgot to add this to the weekend blog. And it’s probably a good thing since that post was getting kinda long anyway.

So while we’re at Jeff’s house chilling by the pool, this chica comes over. She was real pretty and nice. Well she tells us that she’s moving to FLA in 90 days. But until then, her dad wanted her to get a job so he hooked her up with the Serbian. Now, I’m sitting there pretending I have no idea what’s going on and I have no clue who the Serbian is. So she continues her story. Apparently the girl’s dad and the Serbian are doing business together and daddy dearest thinks the Serbian is a great guy. So he tells Serbian to give the girl a job. So ADD Tim responds, “you know you’re gonna have to sleep with him, right?” and the girl is like, “yeah I know.”

I like how that father just pimped his daughter out to make a deal. I also like how I knew everything they were talking about but pretended to be clueless so as to not let on that I know very very well who the Serbian is. Why? Because I’m tricky like that.


Can't hide from me!

Can I tell you how crafty I am? I learned this skill while working at the law firm. It’s called stalking. Basically if an attorney needed to find someone, they called me. I can find anyone. Case in point:

I really want to get invited to this pool party in May. It’s Jeff’s party, the guy we hung out with on Saturday night. Well I text messaged ADD Tim last night asking for Jeff’s number and I got no response. Fine. Be that way. I can find him on my own. With only his first name (not even a last initial) and the street he lives on, I was able to track him down.

First, I went to Google maps. Their satellite feature is amazing. I remembered the landmarks of where his house was so first I found the major raods his house was between. I then narrowed down his street address number by other businesses that were located within that 1/2 mile block. I came within one block of what his street number should be.

Next I went to a reverse address site where I simply keyed in the street name and the city. I remember Jeff is Jewish so I knew I was looking for a Jewish name. And then I saw it. There it was. The first name. And I was correct in the block address.

Then I keyed in his first and last name and got his phone number.

Now, the problem lies in when I call him (which won’t be for a few weeks). He’s given me his cell number numerous times, but I always delete it, forgetting who he is. And in this day, no one gives out their house number. Hell, I barely know mine. So, when I call, I’m gonna just claim that he gave me his house number. It was so long ago, it’s not like he’s gonna remember. And, hopefully I will get invited to the pool party.

Yeah for me!

Monday, April 18, 2005 

Jesus Loves Me

So you know how Jesus loves me? Well He does.

So ADD Tim tells me that I should call this guy who he knows who works in Lansing...for strippers. (Don't worry. It's nothing shady at all.) So he gives me the guy's name and tells me he doesn't have his number in his new phone. Becuase Kiki waits for no man, she promptly looked up Mr. Stripper and drafted an email. Well the email did not send. And that's a good thing. So I decided to call Mr. Stripper. Turns out he doesn't know/doesn't remember ADD Tim! Eeek! But he was very nice. He told me that he would probably see me around at the fundraisers and such and told me if there was anything he could do to help in any way to let him know. So it wasn't totally embarrassing. But it kinda was. At least he didn't get the email. Now I can pretend that I never talked to him. That would be harder if there was a paper trail....


She just needed a good lay....

Weekend Roundup


Woke up at 7AM. Cleaned the house. Headed out to Detroit. I had to look at a model of the Condo I’m thinking of buying out here in Lansing. So of course I went to the gym first. From there I took a look at the condo. I’m not all that impressed anymore. And that makes me sad. I’ll have to think about it. So from model home searching I went to have lunch with Old Man.

That was fun. We went to the Capital Grille, which is this snazzy high end restaurant in Troy. Our waiter was the most fabulous gay boy. He complimented me on my driver’s license picture. Of course, after that, I had to show him every other picture in my wallet to show him what pretty pictures I take….So Old Man and I have a pretty nice lunch. I think he’s finally come to realize that I don’t like him anymore. So, sensing that, he asked about my girl Tiffy. We were talking about her cause I was telling him that she’s coming back from Japan. Then he starts asking, “Is she cute, is she nice? Does she need anything?” Turn out he wanted me to pimp her out! He said that if she needs anything after she gets back from Japan, he would take care of her. He was tired of being alone. See, I think he was trying to make me jealous. But I flipped the script on him. I told him that Tiffy would be totally into it and I’ll call her this evening to tell her about the set up. He was a lil shocked. He thought I would be devastated. Stupid man. I don’t possess human emotions. Then later on he stated that he would do anything for one last time with Kiki. Oh. How desperate. But it was at that moment that I came to the conclusion that I really don’t need anything more from him. Anything that I want, I’m actually able to get myself. He told me that I could have anything. Unless he wants to put a 20% down payment on my condo, there’s nothing that I want from that man.

So from lunch with Old Man I called ADD Tim. I LOVE that guy! He was at his friend Jeff’s house so I headed over there. It was nice. The 4 of us just sat out by the pool talking for a while. It’s much nicer to hang out with older people. You can have fun just sitting around, talking. We weren’t even drinking. I just felt like I was finally a part of the cool kids club. When I hung out with those guys before, I always felt like the groupie. But this time I could talk about my job and me going back to school and me buying a house. Business cards were exchanged. I was finally being really accepted. And that was cool.

Well, while I was at Jeff’s house, Ai calls. I told her that I’ll meet her for drinks in Royal Oak. We had fun when we got there. She talked about her fuck up non-relationships and I had 2 martinis. She could confess a murder to me. I didn’t care. I was drinking. Well Ai suggested that I spend the night and we go out. I was cool with that. She leant me some things to wear and off we went. On the way out, we picked up the ND guy who she’s been fooling around with. She asked me not to make a move on him, and since I’m a lady, I honored her wishes. This part is important cause it comes up later in the story. Ai said that she and NDboy were just friends and that it would be good to go out as a group. Whatever. I was just looking to score.

So Ai, NDboy, and I hit up this wine bar in Royal Oak. It had just opened that week. It was very nice. I miss RO so much! Anyway, I talk to this cutie and his 3 friends. Things are going well, and I mention I want golf lessons. Cutie tells me that his friend teaches. So I put my cell number on a card and give it to Cutie, telling him to pass it along to his golf friend. And he did…..IDIOT! I’ve told this story to 3 people and they all said the same thing. Why would he actually pass the card around? Wasn’t it clear I was giving it to him?

Cutting to the chase, 3 bars later, it’s closing time. NDboy finds a drunk guy and suggests I try to make a pass. Never one to back down from a challenge, I pick up the very drunk man. Well he’s got a friend (for Ai) so we ditch NDboy and head back to drunk guy’s house. It was a mess. He had just moved in that day and hadn’t yet unpacked. Drunk boy’s friend was gross so I passed him off to Ai. I mean, I put in the work. I should get the attractive of the two. Why are Ai and drunk boy now making out…when I TOLD her, he was mine. Whatever. I promptly called ADD Tim and asked if I could spend the night at his place.

Turns out ADD Tim was at breakfast with three beautiful women (are we not surprised) so he tells me where the key is and to let myself in. When I get there, he’s standing naked on he front porch. Nice. I tell him that I didn’t want to have sex (cause of the whole celibate Kiki thing) and he was cool. He just wanted to cuddle…..until we stopped cuddling. The next day he laughed and teased me cause he had broken my streak. Whatever. I couldn’t have asked for a better time. It was nice just chilling with him and hanging out. No pressure. Just friends. If that was the way I was gonna break the streak, it was a mighty good way to go.

So now I’m back in Lansing and I’m actually happy. I think I smiled today. Turns out, all the girl needed was a good lay.

Thursday, April 14, 2005 

Let's have a wedding

Today I decided that marriage couldn't be all that bad. (N.B. I'm PMSing right now, so I think strange things are acceptable, like Brit's pregnancy or Star Jones.)

Anyway, I was reading a recap in which a man is getting married, and his friend treats it like the guy's been sentenced to death. Marriage couldn't be all that bad. I mean, with marriage, you actually have someone to sleep with all the time. And if you steal money from their wallet afterwards, it can't be considered a crime.

I'm in no way, shape, or form thinking about getting married. At least not now. And not to a damn yankee (unless they're of the E.Coast, old money variety). I detest Michigan men as they are generally unattractive, rude, and kinda overweight. However, I am saying that it would be nice to finally stop looking. You know, to settle down with one person.

Maybe I just need a boyfriend. Or a small pet. Or a Midol.

Yeah. A glass of wine and a Midol.

I'll talk to y'all later when my body stops playing tricks on me.

Monday, April 11, 2005 

Fond Memories

I had to go to the downtown Raddison to drop off a package for a client. As I entered the lobby, I thought, "I've been drunk here, waiting for my car from valet after exiting those upstairs rooms."

It was enough to make me smile!


What really happened this weekend

Quia alerted me to this article. Maybe I don’t date in MI cause the Klan is in full force in the CITY I LIVE IN! The next time anyone has something derogatory to say about southerners, please direct them to this article.

I think I may be going to Florida next weekend. I think. See, I would probably know for sure if I didn’t drink so much.

I drank all weekend. I passed out at 7P on my couch on Friday night. However, not before calling Mr. Corp. America (I think that’s a good name for him). Anyway, I left a message on his voicemail saying that I would possibly be in his area over the weekend and it would be cool if we could meet for lunch to talk about career aspirations. He called a few hours later and told me that he would instead be in the Lansing area, and if he had time, maybe we could have lunch on Saturday in Lansing. He would call and let me know. Cool. I was excited. I talked to Tiffy on Friday night. Surprisingly when you pass out before 7P your body doesn’t really let you sleep for the rest of the night.

So Saturday rolls around. I hit the gym (you know I wanted everything nice and firm), got real cute, and headed out. First stop was the golf store. I’m still thinking about taking lessons this summer. I don’t know. I totally flirted with the guy in the shop. He was nice and preppy. I’ve decided that’s how I’m going to spend my weekends. Going into stores and pretending I’m totally interested in whatever wares they’re hawking, and then just flirt shamelessly with the staff. A girl needs a hobby.

From there I went to Toys ‘R Us. Not happy. It smelled like diseased children. Anyway, Steph, an atty I used to work for is preggers. And since I can’t make her shower in TX, I decided to get her something. It was actually kinda fun shopping for her. I’m just glad that I’m not the one having the baby.

Oh yeah, I have to mention…all of this browsing and shopping was an excuse to be out and about when Mr. Corp America called. So after Toys ‘R Us, I hit the huge outdoor mall in E.Lansing. It’s real nice w/ a J.Crew, William Sonoma, Banana. So I hit the stores and then ended up at this Irish Pub where I sat outside, looked disapprovingly at all the passerbyers, and had a piece of cheesecake and a glass of wine (weekend drink count: 2). Well the wine coupled with the beautiful weather gave me an idea. I immediately went home, changed into a bikini, grabbed another glass of wine and sat outside on the balcony and read a book. I honestly can’t tell you what happened after that. I think I had 2 glasses of wine before it got cold and I went inside. However, I can’t remember what I did after that. Probably passed out.

Now to the great day of Sunday

I woke up at noon and finally realized that Mr. Corp. America never called. I really wasn’t too pissed. Just a bit disappointed. I decided then and there that I no longer felt anything for him and his existence no longer exists to me. And it’s not like it matters b/c I really don’t have much contact with him anyway. Well it was a nice day outside, so I decided to sit out on the balcony and read. Two vodka lemonades (homemade, industrial strength) and a percocet later I was on the phone. Talked to Rican, Roomie, and Amy. Then started calling boys. I called Old Man. I was out of my mind! I was drunk and out of it. I was incoherent. I pretended that I called his number on accident (I called and immediately hung up. He called me back.) I was telling him that I was unhappy in lansing and that the men didn’t inspire me, making my four month celibate streak (can you believe it? 4 Months!) easy to uphold. I started whining about come other stuff when he offered to take me out to dinner and shopping b/c I sounded so down. We made plans for next weekend. I feel a steak dinner coming on. Next I called FLA. That’s what we’re gonna call him for the time being until we find a more appropriate nickname. FLA is a traveling salesman from FLA. I went out with him twice. He’s pathetic but owns a condo on the beach in FLA. Well my drunken self called him and told him I wanted to come to FLA. He wanted something in return. Since I’m still celibate Kiki, I set some terms. Basically I got him to agree to a strict no touching policy in return for a plane ticket, shopping (bikinis and dresses) and dinner. All to happen next weekend. I set clear and specific guidelines and told him if he violated any of them, I was out the door. He bought it. Now we’ll just wait to see if he delivers on the ticket this week.

So the moral of the story is that Kiki is so much more fun when she drinks.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005 

Holy Rollers University

Read this: Dooce. It has great writing.

In other news. I finally talked to Daddy Kiki last night. I had to tell him all about my meeting and how good I've been with saving money and staying within a very tight budget. It makse me so hot to know I save so much money. Welcome to my new disorder. It's just as fun as an ED.

[Edited b/c I forgot to include why I was mad at daddy kiki: he pissed me off because he doesn't think I'm trying hard enough to get into school. If he only knew all the rejection I've gotten b/c the MSU program doesn't start till Fall 2006, he would shut his trap. So I accused him of not truly believing in my abilities. he admitied he did but i don't believe him. I think he just wanted me to shut up. and that makes me more angry. so i'm not speaking to him for a while. I hope he doesn't die in the meantime, cause that would suck!]

I also called around looking for online grad programs. I think I'm gonna try to take online classes at Regent University in Virginia. I just want to take some credits that will transfer to the MSU program when it finally starts in Fall 2006. So I found one course I want to take in the fall, and I'm looking at the application so I can send it in. Then I come across this dandy. It's called a Community Life Form. It basically says that I give my life to Jesus and if I become an atheist at any time when enrolled, they will personally banish my soul to hell. Well, I'm not sure if that's what it really says. I didn't read the whole thing. I don't have any problmes with signing it becasue fortunate for me I belive in Jesus and I love Jesus and I think Heaven is Rad! But can you imagine being a Jew or Muslim, or anything else? Guess Regent isn't the University for them!

Wait a sec. Are they allowed to do that? I mean, can I form a University and have students sign a form saying that they will forever hate honkies? (not that I would. I love honkies. I have a firend who's a honkie) It just doesn't seem right. Oh well, what do I care? Sounds like I can get into this school easy and I can get transfer credit. And that's all I care about!

Tuesday, April 05, 2005 

Have you seen the price of gas?

By the way. That says $2.43/gallon!

Sunday, April 03, 2005 

MSU not in Final Four

I was busy yesterday. I went to the mall, did some grocery shopping, talked to Tiffy. I have to tell you, I'm so anal about this saving money thing. I've allowed myself $10/week for groceries and I spent $15 yesterday. I was so mad at myself. I really need a hobby.

So last night I went to Champps to watch the MSU final four game. I don't really care about MSU, but I felt that a ton of people would be out, so I might as well go. The Champps in E.Lanisng is part of the 'grown folk' side of town. It's pretty far from campus and I was expecting to see E.Lansing's version of yuppies. Damn was I wrong.

First, I got to the bar about 30mins before the game started and it was packed. It was cool tho cause this guy invited me to stand in front of him at the bar. See, there's an advantage of being short! Well he was the coolest. He was there with his wife and older daughter and he knew my boss! This town is so small. This is the 2nd person that's i've randomly met in this state who have known my boss. We start watching the game and I was secretly praying for UNC to win (which they did). I don't know. Knowing that all of those people would be devistated really made me happy.

So anyway, I start talking to the guy next to me, Scott. He was nice and we talked for a while, but then the dude kept talking while the game is on! And I may not be a big MSU fan, but I am a fan of sports. And my number one rule is; you talk only during commercials. So Scott starts getting on my nerves. He starts asking me all types of questions. Which was cool. I mean, he was just trying to get to know me. He bought me a shot a tip-off and suggested some other 'grown folks' bars to go to in the city. Then he starts telling me that he lives out in the country about 5 miles south of where I live and has some Harleys. He told me he would call me up and maybe we could go for a ride sometime. I think that would be nice. I'm not into him, but it's always cool to have someone to hang out with (especially with a bike in the summertime).

Oh yeah, so during the second half, I started drinking water. I had 2 beers and felt my buzz and I knew a ton of cops were gonna be out b/c of the game. Well there were these 50 y/o people sitting at the bar too and they were trashed. All of a sudden, this woman throws a piece of ice across the bar, and the water from the ice splashed and hit me in the process. Thank goodness I was sober. I had to put her in her place. And thank goodness she wasn't so drunk as to start something with me. Cause I would have choked the life outta her!

Last thing. So, when I went to Champp’s, I was expecting to find the nicer, more single, more attractive people, seeing I was miles from campus. No. I don't know what it is about these Lansing people, but they are so unattractive. At one point during the game, I looked around the bar to check out the folks. All of the men looked like this (no matter how old): beer belly, some type of facial hair, hair with too much gel, like they were posers. They might have shopped at American Eagle, but didn't quite know how to pull the outfit together. and none of them looked very smart. Now, on to the women: looked like they were processed, hair had bad highlights, a bit overweight, looks liked they shopped only at wet seal (yeah, I know it was a Sat night, but it just looked out of place in a sports bar), big breasts (but from being big girls, not from implants), a bit overweight. None of these girls had any real natural beauty about them. Sigh. So that's what I have to work with here in Lansing. I hope my crush comes thru cause he's cute, intelligent, and going somewhere. Not like the folks I've met so far in lansing.

Friday, April 01, 2005 


So you know how I'm a super sleuth? Well I was doing a lil research on my new crush. The man is ANCIENT! He's so not in his 30s like a assumed. Nope. He's much much older than that. I would have never guessed! He looks so young. And he's not married! Why am I attracted to these people? Usually I can tell off the bat, cause they usually confess these things to me. For me to just randomly find this person and be all giddy and then find out he's really really old! Good Lord! I'm destined to marry the oldest man in the universe!


Hooty Tooty Clubbing

I went to the Detroit Athletic Club for the first time last night. It was really nice. It's basically a country club with athletic activities instead of golf. I want to join. I've never been to a CC before, but this was nice. I do know an attorney who's a member and I think I need a sponsor and six recommendations. Not that I'm seriously considering joining, but I really don't think it would be a bad place to join to further my career.

Anyway, on to the good stuff! The event was well attended and very nice last night. Basically we're in the process of raising money for an event that will take place in Detroit this Summer. The mayor of Detroit was there. I got to shake a lot of hands, which I totally love doing. Made some introductions, got some business cards. The guy who I think is cute was there too. He seems a bit strange to me sometimes. I pulled him aside and told him I wanted to do lunch sometime when I was in town so I could discuss how he got where he is in corporate america. He seemed really cautious of me and wanted to know my reasons. I told him that I like to get different experiences from different people in order to sculpt my own career aspirations. He was impressed by that so he pulls out a biz card and writes down his home number. Cha-Ching! KrzyKiki is now getting the numbers from professionals. And not even in a bar. I think I'll give him a ring in a couple weeks to set up something for lunch.

So one of my colleagues was with us and it was getting toward the end and he was getting bored. Because it's a religious event, there was no alcohol served. I was totally out of my element! so he pulls me aside and whispers, "Ya wanna go get a drink?" Leave it to the Irishman to single me out. So we head to the bar where you have to give your membership number to drink! I loved this place! So it's me and three guys shooting the shit. It was fun. They all left me to have dinner (can a girl get some free food?) and I was alone at the bar with these other three men who were having a heated (and drunken) discussion on the War in Iraq. I caught this one guy's eye and he invited me over to flirt. Whatever. I told him that Southerners don't like Northerners and that Northerners are rude and unfriendly. He slurred, "I'm the exception to the rule. I'm friendly." To which I responded, "And you're also drunk." So I left he left and I headed back to Lansing.

Now the part that I left out was the part about Hot Bod. I had been calling him all day telling him I would be in town and he never returned my calls. Tiffy thinks it has something to do with the fact that I left about 10 messages. I still don't see her point. So drunk Kiki had to pass by his house to go home. so I did. And his lights were on. I'm not reading too much into it cause I totally leave my lights on in my house when I go out. So that's not really all that strange. I was just so disappointed that I didn't see him last night. Sigh.

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