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Monday, April 18, 2005 

Jesus Loves Me

So you know how Jesus loves me? Well He does.

So ADD Tim tells me that I should call this guy who he knows who works in Lansing...for strippers. (Don't worry. It's nothing shady at all.) So he gives me the guy's name and tells me he doesn't have his number in his new phone. Becuase Kiki waits for no man, she promptly looked up Mr. Stripper and drafted an email. Well the email did not send. And that's a good thing. So I decided to call Mr. Stripper. Turns out he doesn't know/doesn't remember ADD Tim! Eeek! But he was very nice. He told me that he would probably see me around at the fundraisers and such and told me if there was anything he could do to help in any way to let him know. So it wasn't totally embarrassing. But it kinda was. At least he didn't get the email. Now I can pretend that I never talked to him. That would be harder if there was a paper trail....

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  • I'm young, single, got a great ass, a serial dater, a sometimes drunk, addicted to the gym, liable to make fat girls cry, have a mild ED, think Notre Dame is the greatest college and Texas is the greatest state. Currently at a standstill since moving from Detroit Area, Michigan (tons of yuppies) to Mason, MI (noted KKK presence). Come be a part of my random, shocking, and exciting world.
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