Monday, January 22, 2007 

Super Bowl Shuffle

I was domestic on Saturday. Baloo and I started the morning watching a little Paula where she made some yummy cheesecake bars. Baloo asked if I would make them and then bring them in to his work so he could share with his coworkers. I didn't mind, and apparently they were a huge hit. I'm sure Baloo just wanted me to bring them in so he could show off my skills to his co-workers. And I'm ok with that!

Later that evening we went to a house party to hang out some more with his co-workers. It was a college party. After Baloo, I was the oldest person there! It was a good time, but I know I didn't belong there. We hung out in the basement and I watched some of the kids play beer pong. All I could think about were the germs that were being spread as they picked the ping pong ball off the floor and threw it into each others cups. Yeah. I'm old. However I did last till about 1:30 a.m. so I'm proud of that. However, I don't want to go out partying like that again until I've had time to prepare myself. I'm getting old.

Last, congratulations to The Colts and The Bears. This will be the first time in history that a black coach wins the Super Bowl. And let me just say something about Bears coach Lovie Smith. This man is the lowest paid coach in the NFL. Hell, I'm sure there are college coaches who make more than the $1 million that Lovie makes. However he didn't bitch and moan. He didn't say that he got paid the least because he's black. He persevered and proved himself and turned the Bears into a Super Bowl team. So I'll say this. Did Lovie get paid the least in the NFL because he's black? Maybe. It's always a consideration. However he applied himself and proved himself and delivered. He shut up all those naysayers. And I bet after the season ends, he'll be one of the best paid coaches in the League. So no matter if you're black or female, or whatever your minority status, don't think that just because you're at the bottom of the pole you need to perform like you're not a top contender. Use the resources that you have to persevere and eventually when you start producing excellent results, people will have to take notice and give you what you rightfully deserve.

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Thursday, January 18, 2007 

Spinster For Life

I read this article yesterday (ok, I read the headline, not the article. Words are hard!) and last night I laid in bed thinking about what it had to say. 51% of women are now living without a man. It made me think that I'm a bit of a sell out because I have a great boyfriend. I always envisioned myself as this strong independent woman. A woman who doesn't need a man, but wouldn't mind having one around as well. I never wanted to depend solely on a man as I wanted to make sure that I was financially secure on my own. However, I wanted to make sure that my man could provide for me. This attitude has cost me. Take for instance this weekend. For some reason I was being really moody and I snapped at Baloo that I didn't need his help for anything. Anything I needed to do, I could do myself. I wasn't thinking when I said it. About an hour later, he left to go home to take care of some business and while he was gone he decided to shovel his sidewalk and driveway. He came back into the house and told me that he was going to do my driveway, but I didn't need his help because I was an independent woman. If it wasn't for the awesome workout I got while shoveling the driveway and sidewalk, I would have been really pissed that Baloo didn't offer to help out. I guess he's pretty sick of me always refusing his help.

Sometimes I feel guilty about having a boyfriend. I'm supposed to be the strong, independent woman. I shouldn't need a man. And in reality, I don't need Baloo. I just like to have him around. He's great company and a very good companion.

So am I abandoning my sisters who are out there and single? Maybe. But I know that it's smarter for me to not be too boastful or get too comfortable. Because I could be right there with them again at any time.

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Monday, January 15, 2007 

Conversation From This Weekend

Me: Baby, let's get a kitten and a puppy.

Baloo: Ok.

Me: But wait! What if down the road we end up having a custody battle over the pets? What will we do then?

Baloo: Well obviously I'll get the good pet.

*Disclaimer: Baloo and I are NOT getting a pet. First, we haven't been together long enough to commit to pets. Second, since I'm the one with the house (Baloo rents) I'd be stuck taking care of our little darlings. And I'm not in a position to be a single mother!

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Saturday, January 13, 2007 

My Journey Into IKEA

This the the first weekend that Baloo and I have voluntarily spent doing our own separate things. And I was excited. I think I've been crabby because I need some me time. So, I decided to spend my time at IKEA. One opened up in Canton, Michigan I year or two ago and I resisted the urge to go. I kept hearing horror stories of how crowded it was. And the last thing I wanted to experience was a bunch of crazed bargain hunters in a warehouse.

However, I was excited to go this weekend. I looked online and made a list of the things I wanted to buy. I have a new budgeting goal to not use my credit card this pay period since I just paid my credit card off. I want to see how long I can stare at that pretty little zero balance. Anyway, I was smart to get to IKEA a couple hours after it opened, because it was crazy! When I entered the store, I must have looked really confused because a very nice employee gave me a map and showed me exactly how to shop in the world of IKEA. After I got the lay of the land, it was a much more pleasurable shopping experience. However, I did get a little grabby as I was amazed by the prices and I ended up putting a lot of things back before I headed to the cash register. The only item they didn't have was an under cabinet wine rack. Fortunately I have to take Baloo and his roommate to the airport at the end of the month so I can pick it up then. Canton is just too far for me to make a quick stop. I need a game plan and plenty of sustenance to survive IKEA a second time!


Wednesday, January 10, 2007 

What A Minumum Wage Hike Means to You

This morning I read these two pieces. The first is about a woman who had a good job and lost it and is now working two minimum wage dead end jobs. The second is about the impact a raise in the minimum wage will have on low wage earners as well as small businesses. Now, I don't like to talk about serious subjects on the blog, but I wanted to address a few things.

Number 1: I don't have a lot of sympathy for the woman in the first article. Maybe I'm just a hard-ass over achiever, but this woman has 3 dogs, a house, and used to have a decent paying job with benefits. Now, in Kiki world, I would get rid of all of the dogs. And because I'm feeling generous, I'll say keep one dog. But let's face it, having a dog is one more mouth to feed. And although they're her companions, she can't afford them now. Next, I would bust my ass to find a job in my field. She has the work experience. She's worked in a managerial position before. There's got to be a job out there where she can work as a manager. And if not that, work as an assistant manager until she can work up to a manager position. This includes working at the local grocery store. Oh, and Kipper also mentioned that she should get rid of her internet. I agree. That's what the library is for.

Now the reason I don't have a ton of sympathy for her is because there are obviously things she could do to change her situation. I'll compare her to the kid in the second article.

Number 2: The kid in the second article is the sole provider for his family. His mother quit her job to take care of her sick husband. The kid doesn't sound like he has an advanced education so he's doing the best he can. He goes to the store and buys 10 chimichangas and 2 burritos and has money left over. He knows how to save. He seems like he's on top of paying off his bills and seems like a responsible citizen, even though he isn't making a lot of money.

Now, not to say that Liz is like these people, I have a ton of respect for her. She's not poor by any means, but it seems like she was responsible in her quest for employment. She went on multiple interviews a day, she budgeted her money, and she limited her expenses. Then, when she realized she was in a bad situation, she decided to do something proactive and move back home. I think that's a lot more genius than having 3 dogs and still scraping the barrel every month.

Now to my opinion about raising the minimum wage. I definitely think it should be raised. The kid in the second article made $7.25 and hour and was still living mouth to foot. It won't help a ton, but it's a start. Second, I think that it sucks that small businesses lose out. I understand how one business owner said that they would have to start raising prices. However, I think it's also responsible for those of us with the means to support our small businesses. Not saying that I'm any hero, but I shop at the local farm market in town. Sure it's out of the way, but the produce is fresh and inexpensive. And while I'm buying produce I usually pick up some grocery items even if they're more expensive.

I guess I just wanted to give my commentary on the minimum wage debate. Please let me know what y'all think. I'm very interested to know.

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Monday, January 08, 2007 

The Amazing Race

Baloo and I have decided to audition for The Amazing Race. There were live auditions in Lansing last week, and since we don't wait in lines, we decided to make our own tape and mail it in. However, this is contingent on whether or not we get together to actually make the tape. I'm all organized. I even typed out talking points of things we should mention while on the tape. I've approached Baloo twice about it but he keeps procrastinating. The deadline is January 16. Maybe if I tell him that we can make a sex tape after we make our audition tape that'll spark his interest.

So, here are the reasons we should be picked:

1) He's a mountain man and I'm a priss – we're perfect opposites

2) We're next door neighbors

3) and we're dating

4) We're an interracial couple

5) I'm organized and he's more willy-nilly

6) We occasionally have tiffs (always good for TV conflict) but we're quick to resolve our tiffs as neither one of us likes to be angry

7) We haven't been together long enough to have long term goals in our relationship

8) We're terribly attractive people

We're not doing rain dances that we get picked. We just figured that it would be cool to send in an audition tape. If nothing else we can travel to Chicago for the semi-final cut and then on to LA if we make the additional cut. And, the show films during the summer months where there's a lull in my work duties (and Baloo won't be taking classes) so we could make the trip if we went all the way. Who knows. This time this year I could be $1 million richer!

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Wednesday, January 03, 2007 

Happy New Year!

Hi Kids! Well I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and we're all ready to jump back on the wagon! Now that I'm back at work and not lounging around in bed with Baloo, I have more time for other important things, like blogging.

Speaking of Baloo, I must tell you about my trip back from Texas to Michigan. I left home on December 28 and arrived at DFW airport with plenty time to spare. When I got to the gate, the United counter said that our plane would be delayed 30 minutes. I was a little worried as I had a connecting flight from Chicago to Lansing, and I was on the last flight to Lansing of the day. However, I felt that I would be able to make my connection with even a 30 minute delay. About 10 minutes later, we were told that our flight was cancelled due to mechanical difficulties. I did not want to hear that. I had already spent 6 days with Daddy Kiki and things weren't going well. I needed to get back to my house and my bed and my rules. Therefore, I hightailed it to the American terminal and let the gate agent know that my flight on United was cancelled. They put me on the American plane and I was off to Chicago. Now, I figured I'd be cutting it short to get my connecting flight to Lansing, but I was willing to take that chance. What I forgot was that I was flying a totally different airline and I would need to get to a different terminal when I got to O'Hare to make my flight. Long story short, I missed my Lansing flight and I was told I would have to wait till 6A the next morning. I wasn't having any of that. I squinched my face up to resembling crying and told the Chicago gate agent to get me on any flight. She got me on an American flight that was boarding THAT SECOND! Always resourceful, I flagged down a guy in a golf cart and paid him to take me to the American terminal. I made my flight and I was going to Detroit. Because I have the world's greatest boyfriend, I called Baloo and asked him to pick me up from Detroit and he totally obliged. And I was so in his debt.

We've spent almost every waking hour together since I got back from Texas. We went down to Detroit for NYE. That was another adventure. The party was held at his friend's house. I was really nervous at first as he encouraged me to wear a skirt and a party top. When I got there I knew I was way overdressed (but I did look fine!). This was an important party for me as I would be meeting some of his girlfriends as well as his best friend (also a girl) who was in town from Denver. An extremely intoxicated Baloo kept whispering in my ear that I was the sexiest person there. That made me all giddy! And even though I was way overdressed, Baloo was enjoying my outfit and I kinda liked tempting the other boys.

During the course of the night karaoke was brought out and I began singing with a couple of girls. Turns out one of the girls was Baloo's ex-girlfriend. He failed to mention this to me until sometime after midnight when we snuck off to his car to go make out. Fortunately I was on my best behavior and his ex-girlfriend and I hit it off. I thought she was fun. However, I also could see why they're not together anymore. I didn't have such luck with his best friend, Laura*. Laura didn't talk to me all night. At one point I started asking her questions about Denver and how she liked it and whether or not she had made any friends. I really wanted to get to know her. She gave me terse answers and that was it. I wasn't going to push it. I didn't need to impress her anyway. She lives in Denver and I've got an ass no man can resist. I didn't need her seal of approval. I think the final straw with her was when Baloo, his friend Matt, and I drove Laura back to her house the next day. We pulled up at her house and Baloo sprinted inside to use the bathroom leaving Laura, Matt and myself outside to say our goodbyes. Matt and I gave Laura a hug and I told her it was nice meeting her. Then we all stood outside in her garage. And played with her dog. All the while Laura was holding all of her bags (we spent the night after NYE) while the three of us were standing in the cold in her garage. I got fed up and got back in the car to warm up. She and Matt stood in the garage a while longer until Baloo finally came out. Apparently Baloo was inside chatting with Laura's parents and didn't realize we hadn't been invited in. While I was still in the car, Laura and Matt finally went inside where Matt said hello to the parents. I was never invited in.

I let Baloo know about how I felt. He did see how it made me uncomfortable. Later he mentioned to me that Laura is best friends with his ex-girlfriend and the hostess of the party. Which still doesn't give her reason to be a bitch because I got along well with his ex-girlfriend and the hostess singing karaoke, teaching the ex-girlfriend how to open a bottle of champagne without flinging the cork (i.e. like a civilized human) and making mimosas the next morning with the hostess. I didn't puke, I didn't steal anything. I was the perfect guest. I would go on to say nasty things about Laura and her lack of attractiveness, but I'm classy. And a lady.

Yesterday I helped Baloo plan his life for the next year. It kinda bugged me that I had to hold his hand and take him step by step as he called the advisor at MSU to talk about a PA program and meet with the local community college for firefighting training. I really thought that he should be doing that stuff himself. However, I was really happy that we were able to get it done together. I don't think he minded too much that I was taking such an active role in his future. But I let him know that I was doing it all for him – because I knew he could achieve it all.

Tonight I'm torn between hitting up the Victoria's Secret sale after work or going to an event with the business professional gays I was invited to. Ohh! And Baloo and I may try out to be on The Amazing Race on Friday night. So much fun stuff to blog about! Happy New Year!

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