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Tuesday, April 19, 2005 

One More Funny about this past weekend...


So I forgot to add this to the weekend blog. And it’s probably a good thing since that post was getting kinda long anyway.

So while we’re at Jeff’s house chilling by the pool, this chica comes over. She was real pretty and nice. Well she tells us that she’s moving to FLA in 90 days. But until then, her dad wanted her to get a job so he hooked her up with the Serbian. Now, I’m sitting there pretending I have no idea what’s going on and I have no clue who the Serbian is. So she continues her story. Apparently the girl’s dad and the Serbian are doing business together and daddy dearest thinks the Serbian is a great guy. So he tells Serbian to give the girl a job. So ADD Tim responds, “you know you’re gonna have to sleep with him, right?” and the girl is like, “yeah I know.”

I like how that father just pimped his daughter out to make a deal. I also like how I knew everything they were talking about but pretended to be clueless so as to not let on that I know very very well who the Serbian is. Why? Because I’m tricky like that.

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