Tuesday, November 28, 2006 

So Much to Be Thankful For

It seems that Thanksgiving came a little late for some people. While I was so scared/excited about my feelings for Baloo I just learned that one of my friends just received the keys to her boyfriend's apartment. And another friend is moving into their boyfriend's apartment. It's like cupid is a very good shot. Ok, just one more thing and then I promise to get back to your regularly scheduled blog posts about unattractive people and children I make cry.

Last night I called my best married older (but not that old) friend Steph. I used to work with Steph and I house-sat for her and her Gorgeous Doctor Husband when I lived in the Detroit area. Steph is from Texas and she's very organized and headstrong and driven like myself. She's since moved back to Texas with Gorgeous Doctor Husband and they have an awesome house with a new little baby and one on the way. I would love to be Steph when I grow up except for the children. Anyway, I called Steph to discuss my newfound feelings and whether or not they were silly or justified. I was mostly concerned about developing feelings in such a short time span. Baloo and I have been together for almost two months. However, since we live so close, we see each other every day and he even has his own toothbrush at The Dungeon. Steph gave me very good advice. She said that I'm in a good place to have a relationship now. I'm working, I'm going to school, and I'm happy with myself. She talked about things like being open and taking risks. How I dated duds in the past and it's better to open up to someone who's worth it. To take one day at a time and not get too concerned about what will happen 2 months from now. And to compromise. It's not fair that Baloo is the only one expressing how he feels about me and I say nothing. I have to verbalize it at some time and it has to be what I'm truly feeling.

So I called Baloo over last night and told him a few things. I thought about it first. I didn't tell him that I love him. Cause I don't think I do…yet. But I told about my conversation with Steph and how he makes me want to be a better person and just what was on my mind. And it was scary, but easy. And I know he appreciated it.

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Monday, November 27, 2006 


Not that I'm condoning drug use, but what a happy birthday this would be. Remember kids, I do have a birthday coming up, and I do love cake!


The Post Where I Talk About My Boyfriend

But first thing's first. I went over to the married couple's house for Thanksgiving and had a wonderful time. Everything was very low key and I ended up making two dishes. The original dish is one that Baloo wanted me to make. Balsamic butter glazed carrots. The next dish, Southwest Mashed Sweet Potatoes was something that I picked out. Both turned out very well and were a hit at dinner.

Baloo finally got back from visiting relatives in Chicago on Sunday. I missed him a little but told myself that it was really stupid to miss him seeing that he was only gone for 4 days. However, I found out when he got back that he was telling everyone about me and showing all his cousins my picture (I'm assuming that he didn't tell Grandpa Baloo as we've previously learned that he wouldn't be too happy about Baloo dating a black girl). I was a little embarrassed but it was his prerogative if he wanted to show me off. According to him, everyone said I was pretty (which is the most important thing) and everyone wondered what I was doing with Baloo seeing that I'm gainfully employed and own my own home while Baloo is still in grad school and renting. Ha! I'm with Baloo for reasons only I understand.

With the weather being as nice as it's been, Baloo and I went for a walk in a park near the house. And here's where I gush…because it really was a very nice walk. It was very fairy tale like for me. Sure he's not my ideal man…6'0, private school educated, making more money than me, climbing the career ladder. He's none of that. But he tells me I'm pretty and he thinks I'm pretty great and he indulges me. And we walked around the lake and held hands and watched the fish and ducks and it was all pretty perfect.

So I have these rules. Baloo is learning about all my rules and pretty much thinks most of them are hogwash. Except for the rule about turning off the light when you're not physically in a room. I'm trying to get him to do that more often. Anyway, I have this rule that nothing said or done during sex can later be brought up and used against you. Basically anything that happens before or during sex is null and void. You get a free pass. So when I happened to mutter something endearing under my breath during a very hot and heavy session, I had to promptly remind him of the rule when everything was said and done. He wasn't buying it. Damn it! This is what I get for dating a certified genius! Whatever. I'm still blaming it on the endorphins and the general sense of euphoria.

Ugh! I've said too much. This is what I get for having feelings. I'm gonna go tell a young child that Santa isn't real. That should make me feel much better.


Tuesday, November 21, 2006 

Antisocial Thanksgiving

Baloo is messing up my routine. At game night the neighbor couple asked if I was doing anything for Thanksgiving since Baloo is going to Chicago for the big family shin dig. (P.S. Baloo's mother told him not to mention to Grandpa Baloo that his girlfriend is a darkie. She suggested he hold off until we got a bit more serious to give the old man a coronary. God I love the holidays!) I told them that I was staying at home so they invited me to dinner. I thought that everyone would forget but by the time Baloo and I got home on Sunday night, there was a message on my machine inviting me to dinner again. And I don't want to go.

See, I have my own holiday tradition. It usually includes double stuffed Oreos, marathon hours of DVDs (usually Will & Grace) and drinking. Which is fine. It's not like I'm sad and pathetic. It's just that I'm not real big on family and I don't like getting together for holidays. In fact, when I go home for Christmas, Daddy Kiki and I do much of the same…watching hours upon hours of movies, going to the mall, but not drinking and passing out. So I panicked a little when I got the follow-up call inviting me to dinner. I really didn't want to go.

Problem is, the neighbor couple is technically Baloo's friends. They were his friends before they were my friends and if anything ever happens to us, he'll probably most likely get them in the settlement. So, if I rejected their invitation, they could argue that I'm antisocial and I don't like them. Which isn't the case…except for the antisocial part.

A part of me just wanted to hide out in The Dungeon for the holiday so they wouldn't see my car in the driveway. But that won't work because I plan on doing a lot of major yard work that I can't put off anymore. They'd know that I was home. So I talked to Baloo about it. He basically encouraged me to go. It would be an hour or two at the most and I wouldn't be alone for 4 days straight. Part of me thinks he didn't want me to drink myself into alcohol poisoning. Little does he know that I'm a professional with my drinking.

So today I'm focusing on looking for a recipe for a side to bring over to dinner. If I remember, I'll try to take step by step pictures like Marcia. Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 20, 2006 

A Successful Meeting

Wow! The audience wants more! Well let me give it to you:

The trip was fantastic. In fact, the two of us had so much fun together, we're already planning our next adventure.

We got to South Bend at about 9A and immediately began tailgating. I ended up getting way too intoxicated and by the time the game started, Baloo and I had to make it to Coaches' to watch another Notre Dame victory. Problem was, I had been drinking for about 4 hours straight and all I had to eat all day was a piece of toast covered in peanut butter. So, by the time Baloo was able to follow my drunk instructions on how to get to the bar, I passed out directly upon sitting down at a table. Fearing that we'd get kicked out and thrown into jail, we proceeded to the Dairy Queen across the street where I ate some food and sobered up a bit. After the Dairy Queen, Kipper and his posse decided that ND was way far ahead so we all headed back to the car to tailgate some more while I slept in the car for about 2 hours straight. Apparently Baloo did well with my friends and without my supervision. He got to meet a lot of my friends and he was social and well behaved. He also talked to Jenn's sister who is a Navy vet about the war. I feared that my hippie boyfriend would say something to offend so I kindly reminded him that Jenn's sister had been to Iraq twice and knows how to use a gun. If he said anything stupid, he was on his own.

After the tailgate we headed back to Sissy's house where we planned on taking a disco nap before heading back out to The 'Backer. A 45-minute disco nap turned into an hour worth of sleep and by the time we all woke up, no one felt like going out to the bars. Yep kids, we're officially old. Turns out it was a good thing that we didn't go out because Baloo got sick. All week he had been saying that ND kids weren't hardcore drinkers and MSU kids were the better drunks. But look who came to a Notre Dame game and got sick. I'm just saying. I stayed up with him for a good part of the night because he was in very bad shape. Apparently a man will say a lot of sweet things to you when he feels at the edge of death and you're making sure his head doesn't fall into the toilet. It was a really tender moment. Much like angles singing.

On Sunday we headed to breakfast and campus. I could tell Kipper and Dave approved of Baloo. He was friendly and crass and just a nice guy. After breakfast we took a very short tour of campus where we hit up the Grotto and The Basilica. I was determined to take my atheist (so he says) heathen boyfriend to the most religious places on campus. And I found out that his heart isn't made of stone because he was genuinely impressed by the Basilica. Score one for the Jesus camp!

After a campus tour and a trip to the bookstore (where I got attitude from this old bitty at the cash register. I promptly turned her ass in to her supervisor. Excuse me, I don't need attitude from you. Not only am I an alum, but I'm not 70 years old and working as a cashier.) Our crew headed to Dave's parents house to see Kipper and Dave's new baby, Hope. Although I think two gay men with a poodle is the gayest thing ever, I was entranced by Hope. She was very well behaved and very pretty.

After our visit at Dave's place, we went home. It was a successful weekend. Baloo really liked my friends and I think my friends approved of him too. Now he's talking about me going to meet some of his friends. We'll have to talk about this. I'm generally crass and unforgiving to new people. I feel that if I'm put in that situation, it may be the end of Baloo and Kiki. We'll see!

Next major event: My office's Christmas Party

Tuesday, November 14, 2006 

Ora Pro Me (Pray For Me)

My boyfriend and my best friend are meeting for the first time the weekend. Thank goodness there will be plenty alcohol involved. If Baloo can survive Kipper, then he may just make it for the office Christmas party in December. I'll keep 'ya posted.

Sunday, November 12, 2006 

Drinking Game

Baloo and I decided to host a game night on Friday night and we invited the couple from down the street. We went out and picked up Trivial Pursuit 90s Edition and the couple brought over Balderdash. While playing Trivial Pursuit, Baloo had the wonderful idea to make a drinking game using Trivial Pursuit. Because we’re much too sophisticated for the brainless, more traditional drinking games of Beer Pong and Screw the Dealer. We spent the better part of Saturday night working on the details of the game after we came home from watching Borat. (Borat was great! I totally recommend it!) So, the Instructions for Drinking Trivial Pursuit are below.

Drinking Trivial Pursuit©

Objective: Get Drunk

Materials: One (1) Deck of cards from any edition of Trivial Pursuit
One (1) Six-Sided dice

Game Play:

1) Assign color and drink assignments as follows:

Die Roll 1


1 Drink

Die Roll 2


2 Drinks

Die Roll 3


3 Drinks

Die Roll 4


4 Drinks

Die Roll 5


5 Drinks

Die Roll 6


6 Drinks

2) If dice roller answers incorrectly, he must take number of drinks corresponding to both die roll and color category. If dice roller answers correctly, all other players take one drink. Player who answers correctly gets to roll again. Example: Dice roller rolls a 2. Dice roller tries to answer a yellow question. If he answers incorrectly, he must take 2 drinks. If he answers correctly, all other players take one drink and dice roller rolls again.

3) Winner is determined when all players get bored or there is only one player left standing.

Additional Rule: If dice rolls off table, dice roller takes one (1) penalty drink and rolls again to continue play.

© Baloo & Kiki Industries

Friday, November 10, 2006 

Bad Mamma Jamma

I almost got hit by a car last night. My experience was nothing like this one. However, it was a bit funny. I was heading out to a work function. I looked good. High heels. Stockings. The red hand was flashing and I took my chances crossing when this kid had to stop short. He never saw me. I'm the type of bad ass who doesn't scream or get scared. I stopped in my tracks and slowly turned me head and looked the driver right in the eyes. He was scared shitless. Then I gave him one of my signature glares and proceeded across the street. I'm pretty much a bad mamma jamma!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006 

Girl Crush

Ok, I'm long overdue for a blog post and a lot has been going on.

First I'll talk about my girl crush.

While at a work related conference this week, I developed my first real girl crush. There aren't a lot of women in my line of work, so when I meet some, I try to find out as much as I can about who they are, where they come from, and what avenues they pursued to get where they are today. I developed a girl crush on a young southern girl who had started her own business. I wanted to know everything about her but had to stop myself from always being around. The last thing she needed was me trailing her among the conference booths, sitting with her at dinner, and being around during cocktail hour! She was just fascinating to me and I really wanted to know what she did right in her career to get where she is now at such a young age. I think it's important for women to have other female mentors to look up to and I hope that if I continue to do things right some other girl can develop a girl crush on me down the line.

Next, I went to vote yesterday. Mucho Excitement! I get so giddy around election time. Baloo and I stayed up and watched CNN all night to see results. However, I was very concerned that my vote didn't get counted. When I went to vote, my ballot wasn't being accepted by the voting machine. Turns out the machine was jammed and they had to take out someone else's ballot just so mine could go through. Then the poll workers didn't know how to get the jammed ballot back into the machine. Oh well. Sucks to be that person. Let's just hope they were voting for the other side!

And that's all. I'm really sick right now and I have a ton of both work and school related stuff to get done and I'm in no mood to do either of them. I need a vacation. This workaholic routine is not sitting well with me at all.

Friday, November 03, 2006 

Drivin' Along In My Automobile

Yesterday I got to second base while on the interstate. While I was driving. A manual shift car. Damn, my boyfriend is good.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006 


Atlanta was so much fun. Here's the rundown. I got in on Friday, late. There was a lot of rain. Since it was so late and I was so tired, we decided to just get some food and call it a night. While driving home I saw my first live prostitute and her pimp! Unfortunately I didn't have immediate access to my camera. I knew this would turn out to be a fantastic trip.

On Saturday we went to the Original Chik-Fil-A. Because the service was so slow we were comped some future sandwiches. Here's a picture of the sign.

After breakfast we went to the Atlanta Notre Dame Game watch. It was fantastic. Everyone was super nice and of course Tiffy, Maya, and I were the most obnoxious people in the bar. And because we were so lively and performed all the Notre Dame cheers, people started comping our drinks! Sweet! Two venues where things were comped.

After the game watch Tiffy called one of her many bevy of men and he took us to dinner at ESPN Zone. There we watched the FLA/GA game and cheered when we saw USC lost their game! Ha! We also drank a ridiculous amount of alcohol.

After ESPN Zone we headed to Harlem Bar where I was the only one who drank. The bartender told me that he was voluntarily celibate and I took that opportunity to tell him about my private school days and how we used to wear short skirts and were spanked by the principal. Then I let him feed me cherries. I didn't leave without him giving me his number. It was all in good fun. Being out with the girls and watching the dating scene made me very grateful for Baloo. Therefore, before I passed out at 10P I decided to give Baloo a proper drunken phone call. We've now passed that important milestone in our relationship.

On Sunday we woke up early to go to the NASCAR race at the Atlanta Motor Speedway. I met this guy who works for Ganassi racing this summer and he told me that if I ever wanted to go to a race to let him know and he would hook me up. I took Tiffy with me as she has never been to a NASCAR race. Now, say what you will about NASCAR, you really have to have the full experience to really like it. And I made sure Tiffy got that experience. First off, the track is really nice. There was a mixed crowd. Tiffy thought we would be the only black people around. However, we saw our fair share of black people enjoying the race. Next, Atlanta Motor Speedway (AMS) is a corporate track. Therefore, a lot of the corporate sponsors take over the track and have their own tailgates and trailers in the infield. Meaning there are no crazy shenanigans going on. People were relatively behaved. We did see our share of the Confederate flag, and there were a lot of times when we felt uncomfortable and thought there was a possibility that we could get lynched, but that was few and far between.

Third, we had prime seating for the race: none.Meaning, we watched the entire race from the Pit.We got up and close with the drivers (see pictures below of Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, and Dale Earnhardt Jr.), and got to see everything happen up close. At one point, a chica with some hot boots passed me. I said something to the effect of "Those boots are hot!" The lady walked by without saying anything. Turns out it was Jeff Gordon's wife!

The only downer of the evening came towards the end of the race. The #40 car crashed. We were particularly concerned because this car belonged to our host. We followed the car to the garage to see the damage. While we were in the garage, the driver, David Stremme, was giving an interview. We hadn't gotten an autograph all day and we felt this was our chance. Tiffy and I waited patiently until David was free and asked very politely (and like we were actual race fans) for his autograph. He said no and waved us off! We were stunned. We didn't know who he was until our host pointed him out to us and all we wanted was an autograph Phish! No worries. I ratted his behavior out to our host. I hope someone lets him know that he did not exhibit good sportsmanship.

So overall the trip rocked. I hope y'all enjoy the pictures. We had a great time.

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