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Saturday, July 12, 2008 

The 80s

Let me preface this by letting you know that I'm drunk. Yes, I realize that it's 3P on a Saturday afternoon, but damnit I work hard during the week and deserve to be drunk in the middle of the day when I should instead be cleaning the bathroom and doing laundry.

I'm an avid fan of Hulu and I was watching an episode of Benson, a show that I LOVED as a child. I will now post some themes from some of my favorite shows of the 80s. You know, when everyone was skinny, hair was feathered, Reagan was king, we weren't in a recession, and families loved each other. On television. With big hair and vibrant clothing. Ok. I'll shut up now. Let me know which of these shows you loved as much as I did!

Family Ties

My Two Dads

Small Wonder

Punky Brewster (I always thought she was pulling the puppy up by his neck!)


Head of the Class

Standing TAAALLL....On the Wings of my Dreams!

Ok, this theme was just cool!

227...Did anyone else watch this?

Black people made the best caretakers in the 80s!

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Man. I had forgotton about all of those.

Benson was great! I liked that show. None of the other ones really shizzled my nizzle.

I used to go out of my way to watch Punky Brewster and Small Wonder every weekday, and I got super pissed if my parents had something else planned or I couldn't get to the TV. My mom made me take skating lessons when I was in grade school, and I hated it, mostly because it meant that I had to miss ALF.

I even watched the Punky Brewster cartoon - the one with the furry, magical gnome?

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