Thursday, February 28, 2008 

Less Than Perfect

I was having a pretty good day today until I went to class tonight. I got my midterm back and I got a 3.0. Now, you may say that a 3.0 is not a bad grade. Kiki, you may say, you work a demanding job and you're going to school full time. Be proud of yourself. However, I've become one of those obnoxious overachievers. Now that I have so many excuses (I have a ton of responsibilites and a demanding job) I've now told myself that I must overcome the odds and graduate from grad school with honors. Yeah, I know that it's a touch act, but I'm determined. So, I was pretty bummed as I came home tonight. But Daddy Kiki reminded me of a couple things. First, I do have something called the power of persuasion. I was the one in college who would go to a professor's office hours and argue why my grade should be raised. And it worked. He suggested that I do the same. Second, he reminded me that I'm pretty. And pretty girls don't make 3.0s. Which is right. And that's all the motivation I needed to argue my way up to a 4.0.

In other news, I feel that Brooks Brothers knows I have a new job, and they think I have more money. Back in the day I only got mail catalogues for J. Crew. And this made me happy, for I heart J. Crew so much. Although I have never paid full price for anything there. Now, I never get catalogues from J. Crew anymore, but since my change in jobs, I've gotten 5 Brooks Brothers catalogues. And I love the things in them! Too bad I still can't justify the prices. But let's look at some of the things I like, shall we!

Cotton Dobby Dress - $298 A little pricey, but so cute for spring!

For some reason, the picture for this won't come up, but I need it in my life. I don't need it for $3,500 though.

I just love this outfit. I could see myself wearing this. Prince of Wales line - a ton-o-money!

I also must have seersucker in my life. The prep in me requires it. Plus, it would be an addition to my ever growing seersucker collection!

And don't think any of this could be possible without seersucker shorts! I'm a sucker for seersucker! But seriously, $88 for shorts? I don't think so!

And last, but not least, I don't think I can live through summer without this hat. I would wear it everywhere. But alas, I do not have $300 to spend on a hat. If only......

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Monday, February 25, 2008 

Just Another Quiet Sunday Night....

I haven't been blogging much because not much has been going on in my life. I'm working crazy hours at my new job and loving every minute of it, and Baloo and I are doing quite well. Tonight we went out with some his work friends and that's where things got scary.

So we went to the bowling alley with two other couples who were having a good time. All of a sudden, a fight breaks out two lanes down from us. Like a serious fight. With this dude covered in blood and police. Well, I kinda saw what happened. This big dude had the skinny dude by the hair. When the big dude released the skinny dude, there was blood everywhere and the big dude left. That's when I got scared. I was totally freaked out and thought the big dude would come back with a gun or something. Fortunately both guys left, the cops came, and we had a quiet rest of the evening. I was kinda hoping the alley would like comp our beers or something. It was pretty traumatic. But this is Lansing. What can I expect?

However I really am freaked out about people shooting up places. Since Virginia Tech and NIU it's really been on my mind. Especially since I'm in school again and in a classroom setting. The campus I'm at is very open and anybody can wander around. Plus, the campus is pretty huge. We had a scare last semester when some douchebag set off firecrackers in the stairway (of the only building I have classes in!) and some kids got so freaked out they jumped out of windows. That shit is real and scary, and I'm a huge believer that 'it can happen to me.' So yeah. Add that to my ever growing list of fears!

But I'm still here living life. Things are good. When something more interesting happens, I'll be sure to let y'all know!


Saturday, February 16, 2008 

Are You Sure You Want Me to Blog?

So it's 3:00 a.m. and I'm still up. Don't worry. I've already passed out once tonight!

So I was just thinking to myself, "Did I take a Dulcolax or a Dexatrim earlier tonight?" See, I figured I'd take a laxative tonight because Baloo is out of town ice climbing, and I have a three day weekend. Why wouldn't I want to be regular? But I took the pills a few hours ago and nothing has happened as of yet. I have a lot of pills in a drawer in my bathroom and you'd be surprised how similar Dulcolax tablets and Dexatrim tablets look. Oh well, if I don't poo by tomorrow, I'll try something else.

So tonight I've been rediscovering Janet Jackson in prep for her new album drop. Currently I'm listening to Design of a Decade, Velvet Rope, and Rhythm Nation.

Sorry I don't have more interesting stories, kids. Maybe cooler things will happen later on in the weekend...stay posted!

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Friday, February 15, 2008 

The Flip Side

I promise I'll have real blog material soon and not all this filler. But for now,

Saturday, February 09, 2008 

Yes We Can

Monday, February 04, 2008 


So I can't believe I forgot to mention this! I guess I was still upset about getting busted for the mini bar in my office......

So what did DK send me for my birthday? A SCALE! Last year he got me a nice pair of leather gloves. The year before that he got me a Cole-Haan purse. This year? A SCALE! Now, granted, it is a really cool scale with 4 user setting, BMI, body fat, weight, height, thought reader. But a scale?! Not only do I get to feel bad about getting older, I also get to feel bad about the weight I'm not losing as a result of me getting older. (Although, I'm sure getting busted for the mini bar was probably a good thing for my weight.)

So I've put the scale in the guest bathroom and have only stepped on it once. My next goal is to recalibrate it to read the weight I want to weigh.

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Sunday, February 03, 2008 

It's My Birthday!

Hey kids! Well I celebrated my birthday this weekend. It was a nice time. I completed a week at the new job, people generally like me, and my boss rocks! But that's all I can say about the job, so let's move on to the birthday!

Baloo and I went to Carmelo's for dinner. It sucked. The last time I was at Carmelo's was the winter of 2005. It had just opened and the owner was looking for a clientel. The food was wonderful. The service was customized. Baloo and I like to visit local establishments for our dinner outings. So, I decided to pick Carmelo's. However, I think we would have had better luck at The Olive Garden. Carmelo's is an Italian establishment. My dinner was less than good. I had Manicotti with a piece of Chicken Breast on top. The Alfredo sauce lacked any seasoning, and our waitress really acted like she was serving us fast food. And there wasn't a wine list. They just had a couple generic wines listed below the Coke products they served. I don't think we'll be going back anytime soon.

But afterwards we went home and had ice cream cake! I've never had an ice cream cake before and it was the only thing I asked for. And, Baloo delivered! Not only did I get the ice cream cake, but earlier in the week he finished painting my pantry so we could install my new pantry system (pictures to come) and he shoveled my driveway. Which was a great bday present in and of itself.

So yeah, another year under my belt, a new kick ass job, I think this year is turning out to be just fine!

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