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Friday, April 01, 2005 


So you know how I'm a super sleuth? Well I was doing a lil research on my new crush. The man is ANCIENT! He's so not in his 30s like a assumed. Nope. He's much much older than that. I would have never guessed! He looks so young. And he's not married! Why am I attracted to these people? Usually I can tell off the bat, cause they usually confess these things to me. For me to just randomly find this person and be all giddy and then find out he's really really old! Good Lord! I'm destined to marry the oldest man in the universe!

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  • I'm young, single, got a great ass, a serial dater, a sometimes drunk, addicted to the gym, liable to make fat girls cry, have a mild ED, think Notre Dame is the greatest college and Texas is the greatest state. Currently at a standstill since moving from Detroit Area, Michigan (tons of yuppies) to Mason, MI (noted KKK presence). Come be a part of my random, shocking, and exciting world.
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