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Sunday, April 03, 2005 

MSU not in Final Four

I was busy yesterday. I went to the mall, did some grocery shopping, talked to Tiffy. I have to tell you, I'm so anal about this saving money thing. I've allowed myself $10/week for groceries and I spent $15 yesterday. I was so mad at myself. I really need a hobby.

So last night I went to Champps to watch the MSU final four game. I don't really care about MSU, but I felt that a ton of people would be out, so I might as well go. The Champps in E.Lanisng is part of the 'grown folk' side of town. It's pretty far from campus and I was expecting to see E.Lansing's version of yuppies. Damn was I wrong.

First, I got to the bar about 30mins before the game started and it was packed. It was cool tho cause this guy invited me to stand in front of him at the bar. See, there's an advantage of being short! Well he was the coolest. He was there with his wife and older daughter and he knew my boss! This town is so small. This is the 2nd person that's i've randomly met in this state who have known my boss. We start watching the game and I was secretly praying for UNC to win (which they did). I don't know. Knowing that all of those people would be devistated really made me happy.

So anyway, I start talking to the guy next to me, Scott. He was nice and we talked for a while, but then the dude kept talking while the game is on! And I may not be a big MSU fan, but I am a fan of sports. And my number one rule is; you talk only during commercials. So Scott starts getting on my nerves. He starts asking me all types of questions. Which was cool. I mean, he was just trying to get to know me. He bought me a shot a tip-off and suggested some other 'grown folks' bars to go to in the city. Then he starts telling me that he lives out in the country about 5 miles south of where I live and has some Harleys. He told me he would call me up and maybe we could go for a ride sometime. I think that would be nice. I'm not into him, but it's always cool to have someone to hang out with (especially with a bike in the summertime).

Oh yeah, so during the second half, I started drinking water. I had 2 beers and felt my buzz and I knew a ton of cops were gonna be out b/c of the game. Well there were these 50 y/o people sitting at the bar too and they were trashed. All of a sudden, this woman throws a piece of ice across the bar, and the water from the ice splashed and hit me in the process. Thank goodness I was sober. I had to put her in her place. And thank goodness she wasn't so drunk as to start something with me. Cause I would have choked the life outta her!

Last thing. So, when I went to Champp’s, I was expecting to find the nicer, more single, more attractive people, seeing I was miles from campus. No. I don't know what it is about these Lansing people, but they are so unattractive. At one point during the game, I looked around the bar to check out the folks. All of the men looked like this (no matter how old): beer belly, some type of facial hair, hair with too much gel, like they were posers. They might have shopped at American Eagle, but didn't quite know how to pull the outfit together. and none of them looked very smart. Now, on to the women: looked like they were processed, hair had bad highlights, a bit overweight, looks liked they shopped only at wet seal (yeah, I know it was a Sat night, but it just looked out of place in a sports bar), big breasts (but from being big girls, not from implants), a bit overweight. None of these girls had any real natural beauty about them. Sigh. So that's what I have to work with here in Lansing. I hope my crush comes thru cause he's cute, intelligent, and going somewhere. Not like the folks I've met so far in lansing.

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