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Friday, July 18, 2008 


So Baloo has this friend. Let's call him Marshall. Marshall has a new girlfriend. Let's call her Scandalous (cause that's what we call her). I first met Scandalous when she was with her boyfriend Charles. When Scandalous started hanging out with Baloo's group of friends, she took a liking to Marshall even when she was still dating Charles. She went as far as going on a camping trip with the group and sharing a tent with Marshall...even though she was still dating Charles. I have no idea what kind of lie she spun to go on a weekend camping trip.

Anyway, now that Scandalous has dumped Charles, she's dating Marshall. No one is very happy about this. And apparently Baloo had a talk with Marshall and told him it's not cool. But now that they're dating, I'm going to see much more of Scandalous. I'll probably do my best to exclude her and make her feel bad because that's in my nature. Baloo wants me to be nice to her since she's dating a member of the group. Whatever. She's not a very honorable person, and I don't know who thinks she won't cheat on Marshall just like she cheated on Charles.

I'm throwing a bbq on Sunday (cause Baloo's friends are gonna help me move my new, free piano) and I think she's coming. I need some evil but sneaky things to do to her. All comments are welcome!


wait wait!!! i missed this post. it is Monday. is it too late to give suggestions?

well, probably all for the best because Baloo might get mad if you do something evil to Skanky Scandy. there is no point in putting a wedge between you and Baloo for this chick...

I would keep her away from Baloo though!!

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