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Tuesday, April 19, 2005 

Can't hide from me!

Can I tell you how crafty I am? I learned this skill while working at the law firm. It’s called stalking. Basically if an attorney needed to find someone, they called me. I can find anyone. Case in point:

I really want to get invited to this pool party in May. It’s Jeff’s party, the guy we hung out with on Saturday night. Well I text messaged ADD Tim last night asking for Jeff’s number and I got no response. Fine. Be that way. I can find him on my own. With only his first name (not even a last initial) and the street he lives on, I was able to track him down.

First, I went to Google maps. Their satellite feature is amazing. I remembered the landmarks of where his house was so first I found the major raods his house was between. I then narrowed down his street address number by other businesses that were located within that 1/2 mile block. I came within one block of what his street number should be.

Next I went to a reverse address site where I simply keyed in the street name and the city. I remember Jeff is Jewish so I knew I was looking for a Jewish name. And then I saw it. There it was. The first name. And I was correct in the block address.

Then I keyed in his first and last name and got his phone number.

Now, the problem lies in when I call him (which won’t be for a few weeks). He’s given me his cell number numerous times, but I always delete it, forgetting who he is. And in this day, no one gives out their house number. Hell, I barely know mine. So, when I call, I’m gonna just claim that he gave me his house number. It was so long ago, it’s not like he’s gonna remember. And, hopefully I will get invited to the pool party.

Yeah for me!

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