Thursday, October 25, 2007 

It's the Little Things

So I'm going to the drive up pharmacy to fill my prescription, and this guy in a red truck totally cuts me off so he can get in line first. So, I get pissed, park my car in the parking lot and go into the store to get my prescription. Naturally I get faster service. And as the pharmacist was ringing me up, I looked out the drive through window and told the pharmacist, "that guy cut me off to get here first and I've already gotten my prescription and I'm ready to leave." The pharmacist was appalled and proceeded to do other things, ignoring the man in the red truck how was waiting to be served.

Monday, October 22, 2007 

Where to Live?

Baloo and I caught the last part of the Broncos v. Steelers game last night on TV. It was played in Denver. I was alarmed because all the coaches on the sideline were bundled in big poofy coats. Meanwhile, I had to open the windows and turn a fan on in Lansing because it was so hot. Baloo remarked that it had snowed in the city of Denver recently. I immediately marked it off my 'places I want to move with Baloo' list.

See, Baloo really wants to move to Denver once I finish with my Master's. He wants to live near the mountains and ski all the time. He tried to sell me on Denver because he said it NEVER snows in the city, only in the mountains. I believed this lie until last night. And I refuse to live anywhere else where it snows. So I told him that Denver is out. I'm really trying to get us to move to Phoenix. He's ok with that idea, I think he's just deathly afraid of the heat. You have to remember that Baloo is a bear. And he's afraid that he will melt when the heat hits all his fur. You can understand.

So, being the ever thoughtful girlfriend I am, I decided to take this quiz to get ideas on places where we should live. What do you think?

01) Little Rock, Arkansas
02) Portland, Oregon
03) Las Vegas, Nevada
04) Honolulu, Hawaii
05) Shrevepot, Louisiana
06) Baton Rouge, Louisiana
07) Fayetteville, Arkansas
08) Charleston, West Virginia
09) Albuquerque, New Mexico
10) Cincinnati, Ohio
11) Knoxville, Tennessee
12) Monroe, Louisiana
13) Alexandria, Louisiana
14) Hartford, Connecticut
15) Charlotte, North Carolina
16) Greenville, South Carolina
17) Nashville, Tennessee
18) San Bernardino, California
19) Sacramento, California
20) Memphis, Tennessee
21) Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
22) Charleston, South Carolina
23) Washington, D.C.
24) Chattanooga, Tennessee

What do y'all think? I don't think Baloo is going to be happy with all of the Southern options. We both have to think about how those Southerners will take to our sweet sweet interracial loving. But I could see myself living in a few of these cities. Anyone have any experience with any of these cities?


Thursday, October 18, 2007 

Opening Up?

I wish I had the ability to be more honest in my writing. I just read dooce. She talks about the miscarriage she just had. I had a close friend who had a miscarriage and I remember going over to her house to hang out with her and keep her company and I remember how sad she was. She now has 2 children now, but it was tough then.

I admire people who write honestly about themselves. I always try to portray myself as perfect. And the things that aren't perfect about me, I try to gloss over as if I can justify them. I had a shitty day today. Shittier than I've had in a long time. So shitty that I started looking for the first available week to take off work. Just so I can escape from everything.

Ok. So here goes. I have _____. Ok. I know that's probably not a big deal to you. Lots of people have _____. But not me. I'm perfect. I'm unblemished. I went to the Doctor this morning cause I was in too much denial and Baloo practically forced me to go. Not only do I have _____, but I also my have some type of infection because I refused to treat it all these days, and instead ignored the problem. No one has said anything, but I feel like telling them that Baloo hit me instead of telling them that I'm a dirty girl with dirty diseases.

See, I wasn't even able to really share. Cause I'm a bit of a coward in a sense. I had totally written this out, but when I typed it, it looked bad. Don't worry. It's nothing serious and I'm not going to die. It's a very common occurance and it's totally normal...I just happen to have weird issues. It's funny. I could talk about all the boys I tricked and slept with. But I can't talk about something that the majority of Americans have. I definitely have issues.

Update: This day just keeps getting worse. I just got a call from the pharmacy and they let me know that my prescription doesn't come in generic. So, I'll have to pay out the ass for my co-pay just to get better. I can not wait to go out drinking tonight!


Tuesday, October 16, 2007 


I have beef with WebMD So I have this rash on my upper lip. It's not herpes. I've had this rash occur throughout my childhood. Sometimes I go years without the rash. But for some reason, the rash is pretty bad right now. I've been non medicating with Burt's Bees, but today, I felt that I needed to do some diagnosis. So, I consulted. WebMD.

First, they told me I had scarlet fever. Then they told me I had strep throat. After that, I was preggers (SAY WHAT?!) and they finally narrowed it down to hives. I think I have hives. And I'm ok with that. Apparently they are caused by a variety of things, and I'll need to invest in some Benedryl to get rid of them.

But really, WebMD gave me a bit too many choices. And pregnancy? What's up with that? Do you have any guesses as to what my new illness might be?


Wednesday, October 10, 2007 


I had a funky dream last night about Baloo and his friends.

We were all at my house and they were basically running the place. His best friend *Linda (who I totally don't like and I think I've mentioned that before) was downstairs on my bed trying to hit on his friend *Dan who just doesn't like her. Basically she was being desperate. And although I love to laugh at others making a fool of themselves, I scolded her and told her to leave.

Then, the girl who didn't invite Baloo to her wedding (because his ex was there) came into the house with her new husband. I politely wrote her a letter (I don't know where I found the time to write a letter) and read it out loud to everyone who was there. The letter basically said that because she was a bitch to Baloo, she was not welcome in my home. However, I did identify some no-tell-motels for her and her husband to visit while they were in town.

I'm not sure what the dream meant. To be perfectly honest, I really don't like Baloo's friends. Well, I like his friend *Dan, but that's because Dan is attractive. And everyone likes attractive people. But what I hated most about the dream is that Baloo defended his friends over me. Although in the dream his friends were being rude and not acting like good guests, Baloo kept saying that I was too uptight. It reminded me of a couple weekends ago. Baloo, *Mike, and I were hanging out at Baloo's place watching movies and grilling out. *Mike very audibly farted and belched and they thought it was funny. I asked them to stop a few times, and when they continued to do it, I got up and left and went home. It wasn't a big deal, but I think that behaviour is gross, and shouldn't be done in front of a lady. Call me old fashioned.

Anyway, that was my dream. Fortunately I don't spend a lot of time with his friends, but I feel like they're not the classiest bunch (that includes the girls) and I really don't like them at all.

Update: Oh, and I found a picture of Baloo's ex on myspace. I wish I was evil enough to post it here to let everyone in on how much better I am than her. (Hmm...I'm in an evil mood today, aren't I?!)

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Monday, October 08, 2007 

The Official 400th Post

A year ago this weekend, I took myself off the market. And a whole year later, Baloo and I celebrated our very first anniversary. Now, most people probably won't think this is a big deal. But, seeing as previously my longest relationship lasted for 3 months, I was pretty excited about going for a year.

Baloo and I went out for dinner at Ukai in East Lansing. It was nice. There wasn't too much pressure since the eating was family style. Our waitress happened to be a bitch, but we just had fun being out together. I took another look at the pictures from the evening. Poor Baloo. He's not the best dresser by any means necessary. Although I didn't dare say anything to him, when I saw what he was wearing, but heart sighed. He tried. He basically put together two of his nicest pieces, even though they didn't match. Bless his heart. I know he'll be getting matching outfits for his birthday and Christmas.

So yeah, we didn't do presents because we're both broke, but dinner was our present to each other. Then we came home and watched American Beauty.

So it was a wonderful night all around.

Oh, and I almost forgot. So, this weekend, Baloo's parents came into town for the MSU football game, as they do most home weekends. They invited us to dinner with them and also let us know that Baloo's Grandpa would be joining us. I just about freaked out. Last year Baloo apparently took my picture with him when he went to visit family over the Thanksgiving Holiday. His mom was cautious of Baloo waving my picture around to grandpa. Basically she wanted to make sure that we actually had a chance of lasting before we killed poor grandpa with our interracial love. So, when we went out to dinner with the old man, I was apprehensive. I don't know why. If there's one thing I know, it's old men. Hell, if I was on my game and Baloo wasn't there, I probably could have charmed the old man out of some money! Anyway, the old man loved me. He liked the fact that I actually listened to his stories and I knew a hell of a lot about football. When dinner was over and we said our goodbyes, he told Baloo the he needed to lose weight, he gave me a hug and said he hoped to see me again, and then 'whispered' to Baloo to let him know if Baloo had any 'announcements' to make in the future. So I've totally won with the family. The only other person I need to meet is Baloo's sister-in-law and his cousins and aunt and uncles and such. But I'm sure I'll do well with them too.

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