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Wednesday, April 27, 2005 

I'm out of clever (or is it cleaver) titles

I’ve decided that Mr. Corp. America is not that smart. I was at a work event last night and boss man and I ran into him. I’m totally over him not calling me back. I mean, he’s dead to me. So we exchange pleasantries and he gives me a huge, “Hey Kiki!*” I said hello. Then I watched him closely. Someone gave him a pen and he couldn’t figure out how it worked. I really don’t remember what he was saying b/c I was stupefied with how hard he was trying to figure out how the pen worked. After about a whole minute (I kid you not) my boss snatched the pen away from him and opened it himself. Somehow he lost all brownie points with that. I think he also forgot that he called me to do lunch. Sigh. Oh well.

So, after running into Mr. Corp I mingled some more. And then I ran into Bill Gates. I had run into him earlier that day, but neither of us spoke to each other. Well, he runs into me and says, “Hello Kiki. I saw you earlier today and I didn’t say anything.” I was floored! Bill Gates said hello to me. I told him that I see him everywhere and he laughed. I was surprised that it was so easy to talk to him. I was expecting him to be really stuck up. So yeah for me.

*we all know kiki is not my real name

thank god for the asterik - cuz i was wondering why they all knew you as kiki and whether they were all confused as i was!!! :-)

this post was brought to you by daddy kipper.

so stop bitchin that i never post

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