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Saturday, July 26, 2008 

Too Mad for Words

I've written about Laura before here. If you really care about the details of why I don't like her, that explains it.

Last week Baloo asked if I wanted to go to a party at his friend's house in Detroit on Friday night. I agreed, and since we would be spending the night it would be perfect because I was getting my hair done the next morning in Detroit.

Baloo drove from Ann Arbor and met me half way at a carpool lot where I picked him up and drove the rest of the way to Detroit. The goal was to save gas and money. About 10 minutes after we left the carpool lot, Baloo says, "In the spirit of full disclosure, I wanted to tell you that Laura is going to be at the party."

I flipped. I mean I was pretty pissed. Without going into everything I said, it boiled down to this. First, I found it very convenient for Baloo to remember that Laura was going to be at the party when we were in the car when I asked him specifically before who was coming and for what occassion were his friends throwing a party. Turns out, the friends were throwing a small get together for Laura before she returns back to Denver next week. I guess that slipped Baloo's mind. Second, there have been several occassions when Laura comes back to town. Baloo has invited me to join him and his friends and I have always politely declines. Baloo knows very well how I feel about her as I've expressed it to him several times. When she's in town, Baloo goes to hang out and I do other things. Third, Baloo put me in an awkward and difficult position. We were 1/2 way to our destination and I was going to be forced to interact with a person I'd rather have no dealings with. Instead of providing me with the details before we left the house (I talked to him on the phone earlier that day and he still didn't mention that Laura would be there) he broadsided me with the information on the way to the destination.

To say the least I'm pissed. On the good advice of Tiffy, I remained cordial at the party. Fortunately there were people there who I had a nice time with. I made sure to tell Baloo before we left the car that I was going to have fun. I was going to laugh and have a good time. However, that did not mean in any uncertain terms that I was fucking pissed with him and we would continue this conversation when we got home.

I do have to say that I slipped up by the end of the night. I was really tired and the only people hanging out were me, Baloo, Laura, and our hosts. I was drunk and tired and couldn't stop giving Laura the stink eye. I never said a mean word to her, but I couldn't control myself from just giving her an awful look. She's one of those people who makes me physically want to react when I'm in the same surroundings are her. She's not an honorable person. She doesn't have honorable values, and I react negatively to that.

This morning I got up and got my hair done. I left Baloo at our host's house. He decided that he wanted to play frisbee golf with his friends (and Laura) rather than go home with me. So he can get a ride back to his car 20 miles from Detroit from his precious Laura or whatever other friend who's willing to waste the gas on him. As for me, I plan on watching a calming movie this afternoon and wait for him to come home. So I can ask him why he feels the need to not honor my feelings and take Laura's side. It should be an intersting conversation.

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