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Monday, April 18, 2005 

She just needed a good lay....

Weekend Roundup


Woke up at 7AM. Cleaned the house. Headed out to Detroit. I had to look at a model of the Condo I’m thinking of buying out here in Lansing. So of course I went to the gym first. From there I took a look at the condo. I’m not all that impressed anymore. And that makes me sad. I’ll have to think about it. So from model home searching I went to have lunch with Old Man.

That was fun. We went to the Capital Grille, which is this snazzy high end restaurant in Troy. Our waiter was the most fabulous gay boy. He complimented me on my driver’s license picture. Of course, after that, I had to show him every other picture in my wallet to show him what pretty pictures I take….So Old Man and I have a pretty nice lunch. I think he’s finally come to realize that I don’t like him anymore. So, sensing that, he asked about my girl Tiffy. We were talking about her cause I was telling him that she’s coming back from Japan. Then he starts asking, “Is she cute, is she nice? Does she need anything?” Turn out he wanted me to pimp her out! He said that if she needs anything after she gets back from Japan, he would take care of her. He was tired of being alone. See, I think he was trying to make me jealous. But I flipped the script on him. I told him that Tiffy would be totally into it and I’ll call her this evening to tell her about the set up. He was a lil shocked. He thought I would be devastated. Stupid man. I don’t possess human emotions. Then later on he stated that he would do anything for one last time with Kiki. Oh. How desperate. But it was at that moment that I came to the conclusion that I really don’t need anything more from him. Anything that I want, I’m actually able to get myself. He told me that I could have anything. Unless he wants to put a 20% down payment on my condo, there’s nothing that I want from that man.

So from lunch with Old Man I called ADD Tim. I LOVE that guy! He was at his friend Jeff’s house so I headed over there. It was nice. The 4 of us just sat out by the pool talking for a while. It’s much nicer to hang out with older people. You can have fun just sitting around, talking. We weren’t even drinking. I just felt like I was finally a part of the cool kids club. When I hung out with those guys before, I always felt like the groupie. But this time I could talk about my job and me going back to school and me buying a house. Business cards were exchanged. I was finally being really accepted. And that was cool.

Well, while I was at Jeff’s house, Ai calls. I told her that I’ll meet her for drinks in Royal Oak. We had fun when we got there. She talked about her fuck up non-relationships and I had 2 martinis. She could confess a murder to me. I didn’t care. I was drinking. Well Ai suggested that I spend the night and we go out. I was cool with that. She leant me some things to wear and off we went. On the way out, we picked up the ND guy who she’s been fooling around with. She asked me not to make a move on him, and since I’m a lady, I honored her wishes. This part is important cause it comes up later in the story. Ai said that she and NDboy were just friends and that it would be good to go out as a group. Whatever. I was just looking to score.

So Ai, NDboy, and I hit up this wine bar in Royal Oak. It had just opened that week. It was very nice. I miss RO so much! Anyway, I talk to this cutie and his 3 friends. Things are going well, and I mention I want golf lessons. Cutie tells me that his friend teaches. So I put my cell number on a card and give it to Cutie, telling him to pass it along to his golf friend. And he did…..IDIOT! I’ve told this story to 3 people and they all said the same thing. Why would he actually pass the card around? Wasn’t it clear I was giving it to him?

Cutting to the chase, 3 bars later, it’s closing time. NDboy finds a drunk guy and suggests I try to make a pass. Never one to back down from a challenge, I pick up the very drunk man. Well he’s got a friend (for Ai) so we ditch NDboy and head back to drunk guy’s house. It was a mess. He had just moved in that day and hadn’t yet unpacked. Drunk boy’s friend was gross so I passed him off to Ai. I mean, I put in the work. I should get the attractive of the two. Why are Ai and drunk boy now making out…when I TOLD her, he was mine. Whatever. I promptly called ADD Tim and asked if I could spend the night at his place.

Turns out ADD Tim was at breakfast with three beautiful women (are we not surprised) so he tells me where the key is and to let myself in. When I get there, he’s standing naked on he front porch. Nice. I tell him that I didn’t want to have sex (cause of the whole celibate Kiki thing) and he was cool. He just wanted to cuddle…..until we stopped cuddling. The next day he laughed and teased me cause he had broken my streak. Whatever. I couldn’t have asked for a better time. It was nice just chilling with him and hanging out. No pressure. Just friends. If that was the way I was gonna break the streak, it was a mighty good way to go.

So now I’m back in Lansing and I’m actually happy. I think I smiled today. Turns out, all the girl needed was a good lay.

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