Thursday, March 08, 2007 


This morning I was just thinking that I never blog anymore because I now live in a fairytale land called Coupledom. Where you're only allowed to do things with your significant other and that mostly includes eating, movies, and sex. None of which my readers want to hear about. But I have new developments that I want to share.

First, I'm having a hell of a time this morning. I was all set to take my midterm this afternoon when I find out that my proctor site is closed for spring break! (Background, I'm taking online grad classes at the University of Texas, so I have to go to a school in Lansing to take my midterm and final.) So I'm trying to find a way to take my test either today or sometime this week because…

Baloo and I are going away for our first overnight trip where it's just the two of us. I could be romantic and say we're going away for our 5 month anniversary, but truth be told, I was invited to the Big Ten Tournament in Chicago this weekend and I'm dragging Baloo along with me. We're super excited. I don't really care about the games. I'm just excited that I'm going to be in a major city for the weekend!

So when I get back, I hope to have stories to tell and pictures to share!

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