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Saturday, September 13, 2008 

Baloo's Gone....

To Ann Arbor! I don't know if the exclaimation point was warranted. Actually I'm sitting in his apartment right now while he's out playing frisbee golf in the rain. Baloo's parents came down last week and we helped move Baloo into his new apartment in Ann Arbor. He's a lot closer to work now. I was pretty sad about it at first, but I knew this was the best for him. In his 28 years of living this is the first time he's lived completely on his own. I think the best way to learn to live with other people (meaning me in the future) is to understand how to run a household on your own. So I'm glad he's doing this.

The first week wasn't that bad. Thank God I have school and work and working out to keep me occupied during the week. I didn't really miss Baloo because if I wasn't at school, I was either studying or at the gym. You can't believe how fit I am!

I did however hae to learn to hold my tongue. When I came to his house last night I walked in to find a huge flat screen LCD TV. I'm not sure how much those things cost, but I know they're expensive. My first thought was jealousy that I didn't get anything big and shiny. Oh, don't judge me. You all should know how vain I really am! My second thought was to how he plans to afford this TV. He's already said that he needed to figure out if he'd be saving money with the new increased rent. I let him know that I was disappointed but I was good in not making the subject World War III. I need to understand that he has the ability to spend his money however he pleases, and it's not my place to intervene. If down the line he's balancing paying off the TV and paying the heating bill, that's a choice that he has to make on his own. Besides, people need to go through these experiences in order to learn how to handle them.

So overall I've very proud of Baloo. I'm proud of him for finally branching out on his own. And I think the distance will be good for our relationship. Sure, it was so nice to have him as a next door neighbor boyfriend for almost two years, but it's nice missing him and being so excited to see him on the weekends. I think this distance will indeed make our hearts grow fonder. Eww. That was a gay way to end (Kipper, back me up). Who am I kidding? The sex is better when you haven't seen each other for a week. There, that's an ending that is much better fittted for Kiki!

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i could hear Celine singing "My Heart Will Go On' the entire time I was reading the blog!


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