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Wednesday, April 06, 2005 

Holy Rollers University

Read this: Dooce. It has great writing.

In other news. I finally talked to Daddy Kiki last night. I had to tell him all about my meeting and how good I've been with saving money and staying within a very tight budget. It makse me so hot to know I save so much money. Welcome to my new disorder. It's just as fun as an ED.

[Edited b/c I forgot to include why I was mad at daddy kiki: he pissed me off because he doesn't think I'm trying hard enough to get into school. If he only knew all the rejection I've gotten b/c the MSU program doesn't start till Fall 2006, he would shut his trap. So I accused him of not truly believing in my abilities. he admitied he did but i don't believe him. I think he just wanted me to shut up. and that makes me more angry. so i'm not speaking to him for a while. I hope he doesn't die in the meantime, cause that would suck!]

I also called around looking for online grad programs. I think I'm gonna try to take online classes at Regent University in Virginia. I just want to take some credits that will transfer to the MSU program when it finally starts in Fall 2006. So I found one course I want to take in the fall, and I'm looking at the application so I can send it in. Then I come across this dandy. It's called a Community Life Form. It basically says that I give my life to Jesus and if I become an atheist at any time when enrolled, they will personally banish my soul to hell. Well, I'm not sure if that's what it really says. I didn't read the whole thing. I don't have any problmes with signing it becasue fortunate for me I belive in Jesus and I love Jesus and I think Heaven is Rad! But can you imagine being a Jew or Muslim, or anything else? Guess Regent isn't the University for them!

Wait a sec. Are they allowed to do that? I mean, can I form a University and have students sign a form saying that they will forever hate honkies? (not that I would. I love honkies. I have a firend who's a honkie) It just doesn't seem right. Oh well, what do I care? Sounds like I can get into this school easy and I can get transfer credit. And that's all I care about!

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