Thursday, June 29, 2006 

Open Letter To People Who Have My Cell Number

To Whom It May Concern:

When calling me, please have a purpose. Do not call me and ask me what’s up. Nothing is up. Why are you calling me? Get to the point. I really don’t like talking on the phone unless you or I have a specific purpose. You’re calling to invite me to drinks or dinner or you want to hook up. Chances are, if you’re not my friend (by the way, this rant does not apply to my friends) I probably don’t like you. And the only reason you have my number is because I think I’ll be able to exploit something from you. Be it food, alcohol or money. So again. Do not call me unless you have a specific purpose. Or I will be forced to hang up on you.

The End.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006 

Mulberry Pie

Today, while driving to my volunteer meeting, I passed a church. There were a lot of people outside, white balloons, and two white Expedition Limos parked outside the church. How cute, I thought. Someone's getting married. As I got closer I thought, wait...who gets married at 4P on a Wednesday? Then I got closer. And I saw a white hearse outside the church. This was no wedding, but a funeral. Only ghetto folks could be capable of such a spectical.

Speaking of ghetto people, I was watching TV tonight and I saw yet another commercial for I don't know if you get these commercials in your area, but it's a commercial for some type of cap that you fill with semen (yes, the actualy say those words in the commercial) and stick it up your yoo-ha so that the sperm can be closer to whatever it is inside you that makes a baby. Number one, the commercial makes me very uncomfortable. Number two, should we really be encouraging the Lansing area to produce more children? I mean, seeing that the only guys I met this past weekend was one guy who had a grey tooth and stole and the only other guy who talked to me was missing a few of his bottom teeth. Do we really need to encourage people like this (who happen to be Lansing residents) to procreate? I say let's start weeding 'em out instead of creating more.

And last, I was able to be a kid again. I don't know if y'all know how country I am. Today I was walking the neighborhood checking the progress of the three new builds that are coming up on my street (yay for increase in property values!). While walking along I happened to look up and see a mulberry tree! I got so excited. When I was a young Kiki and spent my summers in Arkansas (I will never again admit that I have been to that state) my cousins and I used to spend the afternoon climbing the mulberry trees and picking berries. The ones we were too full to eat we gathered and gave them to aunties and grandmas and they made pies for us for dinner that evening. Well I grabbed my ladder this afternoon and climbed this mulberry tree that I found on a vacant lot and picked berries until it started to rain. I got three cups. I'm going back out tomorrow to pick two more cups so I'll have enough to make a mulberry pie this weekend. Damn I'm country. Someone get me to a J. Crew stat!

Update: Blogger isn't allowing me to post a picture so I'll post it when blogger decides to behave again.

Monday, June 26, 2006 

Kiki and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

This day has blown since 8A. At 8A I called the repair company to come out and fix my fridge. One company actually flat out refused to work on it saying they wouldn’t touch a product someone else began working on. The second company said they couldn’t come out till tomorrow. Mark this as day 4 of me without a refrigerator.

Then I called Frigidaire and they had the audacity to offer me $70 for a new dorm fridge. We’ve all been to college. And, we all know that a dorm fridge costs more than $70. Plus, I already have one…why would I need another one.

Then I had a bad meeting with this guy….I wish I could tell you about it, but it’s a work issue.

Then I had a bad issue with my cell phone. Again, can’t tell you about it because it’s a work thing.

I really want to go back home, get back in bed, and start over tomorrow. But, I can’t. I have jury duty tomorrow!

However, since writing this, I spoke to the Jury Duty people and they postponed my service until August! Yay! At least something good came out of today.

Sunday, June 25, 2006 


This is the second time I've seen racoons in my neighorhood. I wish I had a shotgun. Cause then I'd kill them and have two nice 'coon hats for the winter.


So Let Me Tell You About My Weekend

It started great. I went to Detroit and got my hair done. I also wore a snazzy blue shirt and a cute little mini skirt. I was working it. And my hair looked great afterwards.

I then called ADD Tim to see if he had time for me to hang out. He said he was going by a friends house to hang by the pool. I know this friend as I have hung out at his pool before, and I asked if it would be ok if I could tag along. ADD Tim gave me the ok, but also gave me Jim's number so I could call and let him know I was on my way over. When I drove by Jim's house, I didn't see ADD Tim's car in the driveway. Not wanting to just show up unannounced, I called both ADD Tim and Jim again and neither answered their phones. I was beginning to think I had been snubbed. No worries. I left Detroit and headed home.

I took an alternate route home because of all the road construction and ended up passing by
Great Lakes Crossing. It's kinda like a mega indoor outlet mall. There's one in Texas too. Anywho, when I was home last December, Daddy Kiki and I went to the one in Texas where I found these awesome shoes at Saks. They were $140 at the time and although it was a great deal, I didn't have the money to pay for I let them be. When I went to Great Lakes Crossing yesterday, the same shoes were there for $70! So I got them and another pair for $30. I love shoes. I could feel a sense of euphoria washing over me as I paid for them and took them out of the store!

Then, when I got back to The Dungeon, I opened my refridgirator to discover that it was broken. Again. For the second time in as many weeks. I was livid. I called Best Buy and they couldn't do anything because I live in small time hick town and everything is closed on Saturday. The earliest someone could come out was on Monday. So, everything was defrosted yet again. Best Buy did tell me that Fridgidaire does reimburse for food loss, so they'll be getting a very angry letter as well. I hope the just replace my fridge cause this is ridiculous. In fact, this afternoon, I opened the fridge and everything is just warm. It's disgusting.

So, upset that my fridge was out, I decided to do some house work. I did my laundry and discoved my favorite jeans had a hole in them right in the front at the crotch. Boo! So now I have to see if I can replace them cause they were excellent jeans. Oh, and I bought them in December, so it's not like they were old or anything.

And last, some of Lansing's finest stole from me. Perfect.

Although all that happened to me yesterday, I'm really not bitter. It's just the way some things go. I'm just hoping that this week turns out to be better than my Saturday!


That's It. I'm Done.

I'm done with men. I don't care what y'all try to tell me or convince me of. I'm done with 'em.

It started innocently enough this afternoon. I went to Festival of the Sun like I planned. It was starting to get late and as many of you can guess, I was searching for someone to spend the rest of the evening it just hanging out at the bar or more. I should have known better. The clientel of the festival included hippies who liked to drink wine and frat boys who wanted to get a cheap buzz. I ended up settling on Carl.

Carl was there with his friend Nate. Carl had a grey tooth that I was willing to ignore because he was such a nice guy. After the festival ended, we decided that we all wanted to hang out more. I was reluctant to drive while drinking, so I suggested that we drive my car back to The Dungeon and catch a cab back to the festivities. All agreed and off we went.

We waited at The Dungeon for about an hour for a cab to arrive but for some reason the cab companies wouldn't service my area and they continued to keep hanging up on me. Therefore, I decided I was sober enough to drive.

Carl and I hit it off well. When we got to the bar, he bought me drinks and we danced. He was an awful dancer but he was a lot of fun. As the night was coming to a close, he hinted that he wanted to come back to The Dungeon with me. I was a little skeptical so I called Roomie from the bathroom. I told her that Carl had a grey tooth and dipped tobacco, but at this point I was pretty horney and I needed her advice on whether or not to bring him back to The Dungeon. She gave me a very reluctant go ahead, and Carl and I were off.

When I got back to The Dungeon, I immediately noticed something was wrong. While cleaning up this afternoon, I left money on the kitchen counter to pay the kid who does my lawn. When I walked into my house with Carl, the money was gone. I knew he and his friend took it when we left The Dungeon after not being able to get a cab. I loudly expressed this to Carl as I left my purse on the counter and proceeded to the bathroom. I was hoping that while I was in the bathroom, he would feel shame and replace the money, telling me that I had looked in the wrong place. Unfortunately, Carl and his grey tooth weren't so smart.

I then proceeded to unload the dishwasher and fortunately I had washed a couple of big knifes. As I was putting the knifes away, I asked Carl about his plans for the evening. He said he was hoping he could spend the night. As I caressed my butcher knife, I let him know that that wasn't an option anymore. I told him that he needed to leave. He was floored. He didn't know what to say. He asked me why and I simply told him that I didn't appreciate people taking things from me. At first he never deined taking the money. He asked if he could use my phone (he broke his cell phone and was without one) and I told him no. He pleaded to stay on the couch and I told him no again. I wanted him out of my house.

So, I kicked him out with him barely knowing where he was, and without a cell phone to call someone to pick him up. Before he left he said, "Kiki, I really like you and I didn't think you were this type of person." To which I replied, "Well, I am. Get out."

I hope he thought the money was worth it. Being out on his ass with no means of communication. Because it provided quite a funny ending to my evening.

*I haven't changed any names and I've provided a picture of Carl and Nate. Carl is on the right. Just so everyone can get a clear visual!

Updated to add: Oh, and how could I forget to tell you that not only did I kick him out with no means of communication, but he also had no means of transportation. And as you remember, the cabs don't come to my house. Heh!

Friday, June 23, 2006 

It Is Quiet in Kiki-Land

Sorry Dear Reader (as I have only one!). It has been quiet in Kiki-Land. I thought about that today. Not much is going on. I'm going to Detroit tomorrow to get my hair done. Then I'm hitting up Festival of the Sun in Lansing. I'm hoping to run into the intellectual crowd. They drink wine, right?

Since I don't have a new story to tell, I'm going to tell an old one. This is taken from August 10, 2004.

I had my last meeting in Lansing with the (company I work for currently) to determine my duties and start date. Problem was, the Senior partner was in Detroit! So I called him and told him I have to meet with him today seeing that I took time off from work. He tells me to call him at 2:30 and we'll meet somewhere between Detroit and Lanisng. It's 10:00 a.m. So, I have time to kill. Who do I call...Honest Abe.

Background: Honest Abe lives in the boonies outside Lansing. We went out once. He came to Detroit and we saw the movie 'Troy.' Since then he calls occasionally, but I usually don't answer. He raises deer. He's obsessed with deer. He lives in a log cabin he built with his own hands. In fact, he builds log cabins, lives in them till he can sell them, and then moves and builds another cabin. And since he lives in the boonies and has no neighbors, he's a little weird.

So, I call Honest Abe and told him I wanted to hang out till 2:30. He meets me at the Bob Evans in town (yeah, he actually calls it 'in town') and I follow him the 9 miles to his house. His house is off a dirt road. No lie. And when I walk on the porch, I see that he has a National Rifle Associatoin sticker on the window of his front door. It was at that point I knew he was going to kill me and feed me to his deer. I walk in the front door and the house is SPECTACULAR! It's not your Abe Lincoln Cabin. It's huge! It has its ouwn 2 bedroom apartment with stove and fridge downstairs, there's a guest house, and the house is just amazing and big. There's about 12 deer heads mounted on the walls, stray antelers everywhere....and GUNS! There was a rifle proped against the side of the doorpost, there was a loaded gun case, and when I was given a tour of the house, there was a loaded revolver by the bed.

So, Honest Abe and I sit on the couch and talk, and I tell him that I'm really sleepy (I hadn't gotten much sleep since Denver) and I really just wanted to crash. So, he made me a lil spot on teh couch an I went to sleep. Well, I didn't sleep well at first cause I was waiting to hear a gun cock before he shot me. But I slept and he went out in the woods and did something...and I woke up at 2:30 and left. Well, before I left he told me he was really glad to see me. I told him I'd call. He doubted that. But I was serious. I will call him. Hell, I'm movignto Lansing at the end of the month and I need someone with a truck and muscle to move my shit. I will be calling him.

The End.

Yeah. I was pretty stupid and crazy back in the day. Falling asleep in a strange house filled with loaded guns. I wonder everyday why I'm still alive.

Sunday, June 18, 2006 

Pictures from Today

I didn't know Colt 45 (or Cobra...whatever) warrented so much attention. Apparently the Kroger down the street from my house thinks it does.

Please enjoy my pictures from today's NASCAR race. Kasey Kahne won. Watch this commercial. It's pretty hilarious.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006 

Homeownership...Kinda Sucks

...well, not really. I wouldn't trade The Dungeon in for anything. It's just the maintenance that kinda sucks.

I cleaned the gutters this afternoon. It was gross. However, I did get a chance to climb on top of my roof and frolic around up there for some time. I wish I would have taken my camera with me because the view was pretty great. However, my camera was the last thing on my mind as my hands were covered with gross sludge. Daddy Kiki actually encouraged me to pay someone to do it. He thinks I'm accident prone and would have fallen off my roof and broken my neck. However, I took the EZRider to Home Depot, bought a 24' ladder and hauled it back home all by myself. The neighbor kid had to help me hoist the ladder because I was totally lost and I think he felt sorry for me. It's nice when an 11 year old is more handy with a ladder than a Notre Dame grad. But I was glad I did it myself. It gave me a sense of pride. However, next season I'm investing in those Gutter Guard things. No need for myself to have that sense of pride every season!

Oh, and my refridgirator went out. My fridge that is less than one year old. It went out on Monday but it took me 7 phone calls (and screaming) to Best Buy for them to finally send out a technician. For my troubles, Best Buy let me know that they will reimburse any of my 'perished' food up to $200. And we all know that I don't like to keep food in my house so I'm starting to get creative. So it's totally likely that I had a couple lobsters and a couple tins of caviar that spoiled...right?

Sunday, June 11, 2006 

Golf and Grilling - I'm Every Man's Dream

I was debating whether or not to write a post tonight. I guess I will.

The weekend with the young'n was good. He came over Friday night and between the two of us, we demloished a 5th of Stoli. Guess he does drink. Then I had the fantastic idea of walking to the convenience store down the street from my house. It was clear that I was very intoxicated as I started counting in French in the store. The Young'n bought a pack of ciggies and the cashier carded me. Yes sir, I'm obviously drunk in your store, but I'm not old enough to be with a person who's buying ciggies. Lansing logic for 'ya.

I went to the driving range on both Saturday and Sunday. I have to say, I am really liking the game of golf. When you're on, it's relaxing and everyone is very quiet. I don't like a lot of noise...unless it's being created by me.

I also grilled. Damn, I was a total guy this weekend. I played golf and grilled. Tell me why I'm not dating anyone!

I guess I should mention my realization of me being dead on the inside, but I've already gone over that with Kipper and Roomie. Apparently I have no sex drive. At all. It's gone. So sad for a girl who hasn't yet reached the quarter of her life.

However, I do grill a mean steak.

Friday, June 09, 2006 

Get It On and Get Out

I'm sitting here waiting for a boy to show up at my door. He's 25 minutes away and somehow I'm already bored of him. I've showered and shaved and put on a sexy smelling lotion and lingere (old stuff, nothing new). I'm not sure why I'm trying so hard. It's not that I'm trying, it's just that I feel that someone should ogle me and want me. I want to be desired and paid attention to. And I know the young'un will deliver.

Now I just have to make sure he leaves early enough in the morning. I want to get to Home Depot and buy some ant poison.

Thursday, June 08, 2006 

For Your Enjoyment

I'm sure everyone in the free world has cable and has seen this. I, however, do not have cable. So I bring you this: ...Oh, and GO MAVS!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006 

One More Thing about Reunion

I couldn't pass this up. After emailing Daria*, I received this response from her. It's classic Kiki at her best:

"Well, after the Backer, I practically ran back to Morrisey to use the bathroom, then dragged Kenny (I have no idea who Kenny is. Did I meet him?) around campus taking pictures at night.

As far as the '66 grads, you had them convinced that they needed to start a group for old white guys so that they could come back every 3 years instead of every 5. Also, you talked about the immigration issue and about why he couldn't hire more minority lawyers at his law firm with an old lawyer guy. We also heard his entire life story from graduation to the present. I'm not sure what else ya'll talked about. Oh, and you told one of the Alumni Association guys that his wife was really thin and hot and that you just knew that he loved walking around the Quad showing her off. Other than that, we decided it was time to go get more beer. :) Yes, at that point, I was still quite sober. Now, that wasn't the case after the Backer. ;) "

I laughed and laughed and laughed after I read this. Pure Kiki at her best!

Monday, June 05, 2006 


As I was checking the stats on my blog this evening, I saw that someone from the ND Admissions office was checking out Sista sLedge.r Looks like they are checking up on folks!



My other roses are starting to bud and bloom. These will be pink. I can't wait!


Missing it Already

I kinda figured this would happen. But I already miss Notre Dame. I haven’t been off campus for a full 24 hours, and I miss it. I was sitting at work emailing all of the contacts I made while on campus. Letting people know it was a pleasure to meet them, hoping I’d see them at games this fall. I guess I miss campus because it’s the only place I’ve been where you can go back, sit at a table full of strangers and have every one of those people be successful individuals who are actually making a difference in the world. This weekend I met a chemical engineer, a P.R. Director for the Padres, a Financial Analyst for Bayer, a lobbyist. It was great. As we were sitting at lunch on Sunday morning, Kipper made a comment. He told me and Dr. Wave to look around the dining hall. The only overweight people in the entire place where mostly older folks who probably couldn’t exercise anymore. But compared to normal society, everyone looked pretty fit for the most part. I thought about that as I drove in to work in Lansing this morning.

Sigh. Well, I’m happy I made some quality contacts, one who has already sent me an email back. And, I look forward to when I can make it back to campus and meet more folks.

Things that happened at Reunion that I was probably too drunk to remember until now:

On Friday afternoon I picked up a grad student who had a sexy accent and was from Mexico. He totally emailed me today. Score! Sitting in LaFun with some 1996 grads and my chair vibrating. It really freaked me out! Having an increasingly drunken conversation in Keenan with two 1966 grads about…I’m not sure what. I really don’t remember anymore. Playing tennis with the youngest grandma I’ve ever met. And to top it off, she was teeny tiny and attractive too; recognizing that campus automatically makes you have an eating disorder as I felt guilty about eating while on campus; me waking up Saturday morning and not being able to find my shirt and swearing up and down that the boy I brought back stole it...turns out I was just really drunk and my shirt was sitting on the bed the entire time!

Sunday, June 04, 2006 

Tandem Bike (or, My Adventures at Reunion 2006)

The best way to do this is to just start at the beginning. If you're reading this and you were there and you see that I'm leaving out details, let me know. Also, Kipper commented that the bar had been set for him to show me a good time after my Chicago trip with Jenn & AJ. Let's see how he did.

I left work early. I felt so guilty, but I figured I deserved to head out. I got to ND at about 2:00 p.m. just in time to see the
Improvidate show. From there I met up with Daddy Kipper, his boyfriend Dr. Wave, and their friend with the dogs (her name escapes me) where we went to Subway. I hadn't eaten all day. Ok, this is boring. I'm skipping ahead.

Friday night was the Black Alumni Black & White ball. Although I knew it was a 'Ball' I didn't bring anything formal. That was a mistake. Fortunately Frenchie brought some extra dresses, so I had something to wear for the event. Skipping ahead, I spent a little time at the Black Alumni event before I met up with Kipper & Dr. Wave at the Class of 2001 dinner where we stole a cake. Good times.

From the dinner it was to the Beer Tent. I always thought the beer tent was a myth until I saw the magic of it. It sits on North Quad and is about the length of Farley Hall. Inside there's free beer. All you can drink free beer. Kipper, Dr. Wave, Brenda and I hung out for a while before I was introduced to a '96 grad. Dante* turned out to be a relly cool guy and as I was talking to him, I indicated that the guy behind him was cute. He laughed and told me it was his freshman year roommate and he introduced me to Jake*. Jake* was really cool. Tall, kinda skinny, was born in Hawaii and spent a lot of time growing up there and in China. We had a nice time talking and I laid the groundwork for us to meet up later. Remember, I haven't been out in a while, so I figured that I would use Reunion as one big drunk fest....and all the better if I could hook up too. After way too many beers, it was time to go to The 'Backer. It was awesome. I hung out with Mike Brown and his fiance and danced all night. Kipper & Brenda left early, but I was determined to score so I stayed a little longer. I saw Jake* come in and I tried talking to him but it was pretty hopeless. He didn't get the hint. So I gave up on him and looked for new prey. Honestly, I can't remember how I met John*. All I remember was being outside The 'Backer with him and his friends. I suggested we go back to my dorm (wow, I haven't said that in a few years) and we did so on a tandem bike. It was the weirdest thing ever. I'm guessing he and his friends rented tandem bikes for the weekend. So we pedaled back to campus.

Saturday I woke up abruptly and the first things that came to my mind were 1) where am I 2) where are my clothes. John* left hours ago. For the longest time I didn't even remember his name was John*. And to this day I can't remember what he looks like. Oh well. It was fun and he didn't spend the night. Success. So, with it being 7:30 in the morning, I walked down the hall to Frenchie's room and made her get up. We girl talked about the events the night before before we showered. She went to breakfast while I decided to go off campus to Target to pick up a few items. What should have been a 20 minute trip turned into about an hour when they closed down several roads around campus for some marathon. Overachievers. So then I went to breakfast with Kipper & Dr. Wave and then went to play tennis. From tennis I changed and headed out to the All Class Picnic. Then the bookstore to spend way too much money, then I picked up Frenchie and we grabbed a blanket and took a nap on North Quad. When it started to get cool, we headed in to LaFortune.

At LaFortune we met up with Dante* again and another one of his freshman roommates (he was in a quad). Dante* asked me how it went with Justin last night. I told him that after drunkenly asking Jake* point blank, "So, are you coming back to my room?" he wasn't very responsive so I gave up on him. Why did I need to chase him all week when I had a campus full of other over 30 alums? Dante* wasn't surprised by my lack of scoring. He told me that Jake* is one of those guys who just got hot and he's not real comfortable with his hotness status yet. Plus apparently he's real shy and I obviously came on too strong. Whatever. I still got mine without him so I really didn't care.

After LaFortune, Dante* and I headed to the bookstore so I could accompany him in his shopping. It was a nice walk. We analyzed my thoughts on men and dating, as this always seems to fascinate people. We shopped, and then he drove me to the All Class Dinner at the JACC while he went to town to see his sister.

The All Class Dinner was fun. I felt like an honorary 2001 grad all weekend. I sat with Kipper again. After a very long dinner, there was a lot of left over wine. Some wine not even touched. So, being ever so resourceful, I consolidated the remaining wine until I got a full bottle, and took it with me back to Morrisey. Taking long swigs the entire way. At Morrisey I picked up Frenchie and we watched the Mavs beat the Suns (go Mavs!) and headed to the beer tent.

Somewhere along the way I met a girl named Daria* who's a 2000 grad. And we totally hit it off. We grabbed some beer, I ran into another 2001 grad I knew. He told me he was married and I booed him...loudly. Then we drunk dialed our mutal friends. Quality.

After grabbing some beer we headed to the dancefloor where this very old but very lively white couple was tearing it up. The husband was dropping it like it was hot and his wife was just going crazy on the dance floor. So, naturally, Daria* and I gravitated toward them and danced with them for a couple songs. And then we started the electric slide. Let me tell you, every white person there over the age of 40 was so glad we started the electric slide. People were coming out on the dance floor and having a blast!

After the beer tent, Daria* and I started walking to The 'Backer where we picked up two girls and this relatively young looking guy. He wasn't an alum and I told me he needed to go back to Sorin to get his ID so I walked him back since he didn't know where Sorin was. I'm still not convinced he was 21. And I felt like such a dirty old woman. I remember I think his name was David and he had really pretty curly hair. So I asked him if he was Jewish. Because sterotyping while drunk is always appropriate.

Our new crew headed to The 'Backer and I met up with KPutty! I was so excited because I hadn't seen her for much of the weekend. We danced and drank and some how I ended up walking back to Morrisey with a guy named Ronald*. I remembered his name because I kept butchering it and he had to keep correcting me. On the walk back to Morrisey, I suggested to stop and take a nap on the wet grass. I'm not sure why I suggested that. It just seemed like a good idea. Fortunately Ronald* was smart enough not to take me up on my offer.

Ronald* spent the night. I wasn't too happy about that. I don't really like for strangers to outstay their welcome. As he was leaving he suggested we keep in touch. So I told him, "Let's really not pretend. We both know we're not going to see each other again, so let's keep it at that."

Oh, and while I was walking back to Morrisey with Ronald*, THM texted me. He was in Lansing at a Bachelor party and wanted to stop by! Why is my luck so bad? I told him I was at ND and that if I made it back home before he left on Sunday, we could hook up and he could take me to the driving range (he used to be a golf instructor).

Sunday was short. I bolted and got ready to make the drive back home so I could see THM. However, he was already back in Detroit. Apparently someone in his party got sick and he had to take him home. No worries. I'm sure I'll be back in Detroit soon. But, this gave me time to slow down a bit. I met Kipper & Dr. Wave for one last breakfast. It was a good time. It was so nice to see everyone and I enjoyed myself...and hooked up both nights. Which is never a bad thing. I drove back to Lansing still drunk. I didn't think I was going to make it. When I got home I passed out for about 4 hours. Now it back to work tomorrow and back to the grind.


Notre Dame Reunion 2006

Here's a preview until I get to write the entire post. I was at Notre Dame this weekend for the triannual Black Alumni Reunion. I also crashed all of the Class of 2001 events. Anyway, here is a listing of the highlights. More details to come.

Tandem bike, suggesting a nap in a field between The 'Backer and Morrisey, taking a bottle of wine from the All Class Dinner, drinking said bottle of wine on the way to the beer tent and chugging it when they wouldn't let me take the bottle inside, starting the electric slide on the dancefloor and making all the old white alumni very very happy, hooking up with a guy an not remembering who he was, taking a whole cake from the Class of 2001 dinner, stalking the class of 1996, The 'Backer, trying to pick up a guy with no game, and driving the 2.5 hours home completely hung over/slightly drunk from the night before.

We'll see how ambitious I am and see if I can get the full post up by the end of the night...

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