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Wednesday, June 14, 2006 

Homeownership...Kinda Sucks

...well, not really. I wouldn't trade The Dungeon in for anything. It's just the maintenance that kinda sucks.

I cleaned the gutters this afternoon. It was gross. However, I did get a chance to climb on top of my roof and frolic around up there for some time. I wish I would have taken my camera with me because the view was pretty great. However, my camera was the last thing on my mind as my hands were covered with gross sludge. Daddy Kiki actually encouraged me to pay someone to do it. He thinks I'm accident prone and would have fallen off my roof and broken my neck. However, I took the EZRider to Home Depot, bought a 24' ladder and hauled it back home all by myself. The neighbor kid had to help me hoist the ladder because I was totally lost and I think he felt sorry for me. It's nice when an 11 year old is more handy with a ladder than a Notre Dame grad. But I was glad I did it myself. It gave me a sense of pride. However, next season I'm investing in those Gutter Guard things. No need for myself to have that sense of pride every season!

Oh, and my refridgirator went out. My fridge that is less than one year old. It went out on Monday but it took me 7 phone calls (and screaming) to Best Buy for them to finally send out a technician. For my troubles, Best Buy let me know that they will reimburse any of my 'perished' food up to $200. And we all know that I don't like to keep food in my house so I'm starting to get creative. So it's totally likely that I had a couple lobsters and a couple tins of caviar that spoiled...right?

milk, orange juice, eggs, cookie dough, and lots of diogiorno pizzas, and frozen organic chicken breats, and frozen organic meals

gotta go organic - it's more expensive.

and i used to play on my roof at home. i loved cleaning out gutters. the house works well! :-)

what about all that steak that you have in there?

best buy sucks x10 when it comes to helping you.

oh it's vin, btw :)

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