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Sunday, June 04, 2006 

Tandem Bike (or, My Adventures at Reunion 2006)

The best way to do this is to just start at the beginning. If you're reading this and you were there and you see that I'm leaving out details, let me know. Also, Kipper commented that the bar had been set for him to show me a good time after my Chicago trip with Jenn & AJ. Let's see how he did.

I left work early. I felt so guilty, but I figured I deserved to head out. I got to ND at about 2:00 p.m. just in time to see the
Improvidate show. From there I met up with Daddy Kipper, his boyfriend Dr. Wave, and their friend with the dogs (her name escapes me) where we went to Subway. I hadn't eaten all day. Ok, this is boring. I'm skipping ahead.

Friday night was the Black Alumni Black & White ball. Although I knew it was a 'Ball' I didn't bring anything formal. That was a mistake. Fortunately Frenchie brought some extra dresses, so I had something to wear for the event. Skipping ahead, I spent a little time at the Black Alumni event before I met up with Kipper & Dr. Wave at the Class of 2001 dinner where we stole a cake. Good times.

From the dinner it was to the Beer Tent. I always thought the beer tent was a myth until I saw the magic of it. It sits on North Quad and is about the length of Farley Hall. Inside there's free beer. All you can drink free beer. Kipper, Dr. Wave, Brenda and I hung out for a while before I was introduced to a '96 grad. Dante* turned out to be a relly cool guy and as I was talking to him, I indicated that the guy behind him was cute. He laughed and told me it was his freshman year roommate and he introduced me to Jake*. Jake* was really cool. Tall, kinda skinny, was born in Hawaii and spent a lot of time growing up there and in China. We had a nice time talking and I laid the groundwork for us to meet up later. Remember, I haven't been out in a while, so I figured that I would use Reunion as one big drunk fest....and all the better if I could hook up too. After way too many beers, it was time to go to The 'Backer. It was awesome. I hung out with Mike Brown and his fiance and danced all night. Kipper & Brenda left early, but I was determined to score so I stayed a little longer. I saw Jake* come in and I tried talking to him but it was pretty hopeless. He didn't get the hint. So I gave up on him and looked for new prey. Honestly, I can't remember how I met John*. All I remember was being outside The 'Backer with him and his friends. I suggested we go back to my dorm (wow, I haven't said that in a few years) and we did so on a tandem bike. It was the weirdest thing ever. I'm guessing he and his friends rented tandem bikes for the weekend. So we pedaled back to campus.

Saturday I woke up abruptly and the first things that came to my mind were 1) where am I 2) where are my clothes. John* left hours ago. For the longest time I didn't even remember his name was John*. And to this day I can't remember what he looks like. Oh well. It was fun and he didn't spend the night. Success. So, with it being 7:30 in the morning, I walked down the hall to Frenchie's room and made her get up. We girl talked about the events the night before before we showered. She went to breakfast while I decided to go off campus to Target to pick up a few items. What should have been a 20 minute trip turned into about an hour when they closed down several roads around campus for some marathon. Overachievers. So then I went to breakfast with Kipper & Dr. Wave and then went to play tennis. From tennis I changed and headed out to the All Class Picnic. Then the bookstore to spend way too much money, then I picked up Frenchie and we grabbed a blanket and took a nap on North Quad. When it started to get cool, we headed in to LaFortune.

At LaFortune we met up with Dante* again and another one of his freshman roommates (he was in a quad). Dante* asked me how it went with Justin last night. I told him that after drunkenly asking Jake* point blank, "So, are you coming back to my room?" he wasn't very responsive so I gave up on him. Why did I need to chase him all week when I had a campus full of other over 30 alums? Dante* wasn't surprised by my lack of scoring. He told me that Jake* is one of those guys who just got hot and he's not real comfortable with his hotness status yet. Plus apparently he's real shy and I obviously came on too strong. Whatever. I still got mine without him so I really didn't care.

After LaFortune, Dante* and I headed to the bookstore so I could accompany him in his shopping. It was a nice walk. We analyzed my thoughts on men and dating, as this always seems to fascinate people. We shopped, and then he drove me to the All Class Dinner at the JACC while he went to town to see his sister.

The All Class Dinner was fun. I felt like an honorary 2001 grad all weekend. I sat with Kipper again. After a very long dinner, there was a lot of left over wine. Some wine not even touched. So, being ever so resourceful, I consolidated the remaining wine until I got a full bottle, and took it with me back to Morrisey. Taking long swigs the entire way. At Morrisey I picked up Frenchie and we watched the Mavs beat the Suns (go Mavs!) and headed to the beer tent.

Somewhere along the way I met a girl named Daria* who's a 2000 grad. And we totally hit it off. We grabbed some beer, I ran into another 2001 grad I knew. He told me he was married and I booed him...loudly. Then we drunk dialed our mutal friends. Quality.

After grabbing some beer we headed to the dancefloor where this very old but very lively white couple was tearing it up. The husband was dropping it like it was hot and his wife was just going crazy on the dance floor. So, naturally, Daria* and I gravitated toward them and danced with them for a couple songs. And then we started the electric slide. Let me tell you, every white person there over the age of 40 was so glad we started the electric slide. People were coming out on the dance floor and having a blast!

After the beer tent, Daria* and I started walking to The 'Backer where we picked up two girls and this relatively young looking guy. He wasn't an alum and I told me he needed to go back to Sorin to get his ID so I walked him back since he didn't know where Sorin was. I'm still not convinced he was 21. And I felt like such a dirty old woman. I remember I think his name was David and he had really pretty curly hair. So I asked him if he was Jewish. Because sterotyping while drunk is always appropriate.

Our new crew headed to The 'Backer and I met up with KPutty! I was so excited because I hadn't seen her for much of the weekend. We danced and drank and some how I ended up walking back to Morrisey with a guy named Ronald*. I remembered his name because I kept butchering it and he had to keep correcting me. On the walk back to Morrisey, I suggested to stop and take a nap on the wet grass. I'm not sure why I suggested that. It just seemed like a good idea. Fortunately Ronald* was smart enough not to take me up on my offer.

Ronald* spent the night. I wasn't too happy about that. I don't really like for strangers to outstay their welcome. As he was leaving he suggested we keep in touch. So I told him, "Let's really not pretend. We both know we're not going to see each other again, so let's keep it at that."

Oh, and while I was walking back to Morrisey with Ronald*, THM texted me. He was in Lansing at a Bachelor party and wanted to stop by! Why is my luck so bad? I told him I was at ND and that if I made it back home before he left on Sunday, we could hook up and he could take me to the driving range (he used to be a golf instructor).

Sunday was short. I bolted and got ready to make the drive back home so I could see THM. However, he was already back in Detroit. Apparently someone in his party got sick and he had to take him home. No worries. I'm sure I'll be back in Detroit soon. But, this gave me time to slow down a bit. I met Kipper & Dr. Wave for one last breakfast. It was a good time. It was so nice to see everyone and I enjoyed myself...and hooked up both nights. Which is never a bad thing. I drove back to Lansing still drunk. I didn't think I was going to make it. When I got home I passed out for about 4 hours. Now it back to work tomorrow and back to the grind.

Joanna, and her two doggies Bob and Morgan.

And you failed to mention that we were the loudest table at the whole banquet on Saturday night, which did last for a very long time.

Or that you tried on the largest sweatshirt that was EVER created in the history of man.

YAY for Reunion Weekend. And I'd like to point out that I'm such a good friend that I let you get wasted all the time and hookup with strange men - never once stopping to ask you to consider if it was safe or wise! :-)

Cuz I care like that.

And you failed to mention that I scored both nights as well ;-)


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