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Wednesday, June 28, 2006 

Mulberry Pie

Today, while driving to my volunteer meeting, I passed a church. There were a lot of people outside, white balloons, and two white Expedition Limos parked outside the church. How cute, I thought. Someone's getting married. As I got closer I thought, wait...who gets married at 4P on a Wednesday? Then I got closer. And I saw a white hearse outside the church. This was no wedding, but a funeral. Only ghetto folks could be capable of such a spectical.

Speaking of ghetto people, I was watching TV tonight and I saw yet another commercial for conceptionkit.com. I don't know if you get these commercials in your area, but it's a commercial for some type of cap that you fill with semen (yes, the actualy say those words in the commercial) and stick it up your yoo-ha so that the sperm can be closer to whatever it is inside you that makes a baby. Number one, the commercial makes me very uncomfortable. Number two, should we really be encouraging the Lansing area to produce more children? I mean, seeing that the only guys I met this past weekend was one guy who had a grey tooth and stole and the only other guy who talked to me was missing a few of his bottom teeth. Do we really need to encourage people like this (who happen to be Lansing residents) to procreate? I say let's start weeding 'em out instead of creating more.

And last, I was able to be a kid again. I don't know if y'all know how country I am. Today I was walking the neighborhood checking the progress of the three new builds that are coming up on my street (yay for increase in property values!). While walking along I happened to look up and see a mulberry tree! I got so excited. When I was a young Kiki and spent my summers in Arkansas (I will never again admit that I have been to that state) my cousins and I used to spend the afternoon climbing the mulberry trees and picking berries. The ones we were too full to eat we gathered and gave them to aunties and grandmas and they made pies for us for dinner that evening. Well I grabbed my ladder this afternoon and climbed this mulberry tree that I found on a vacant lot and picked berries until it started to rain. I got three cups. I'm going back out tomorrow to pick two more cups so I'll have enough to make a mulberry pie this weekend. Damn I'm country. Someone get me to a J. Crew stat!

Update: Blogger isn't allowing me to post a picture so I'll post it when blogger decides to behave again.

you missed the major point here. where, exactly, do you find the spermies that you're supposed to use? do i find them on the street? can i buy them online? do i ask strangers to give me some (wouldn't be the first time i've done that...).

also, i don't think it's ever crossed my mind that you have cousins. i swear! it never occurred to me. how fascinating...

Mulberry pie sounds so good right now!

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