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Monday, November 20, 2006 

A Successful Meeting

Wow! The audience wants more! Well let me give it to you:

The trip was fantastic. In fact, the two of us had so much fun together, we're already planning our next adventure.

We got to South Bend at about 9A and immediately began tailgating. I ended up getting way too intoxicated and by the time the game started, Baloo and I had to make it to Coaches' to watch another Notre Dame victory. Problem was, I had been drinking for about 4 hours straight and all I had to eat all day was a piece of toast covered in peanut butter. So, by the time Baloo was able to follow my drunk instructions on how to get to the bar, I passed out directly upon sitting down at a table. Fearing that we'd get kicked out and thrown into jail, we proceeded to the Dairy Queen across the street where I ate some food and sobered up a bit. After the Dairy Queen, Kipper and his posse decided that ND was way far ahead so we all headed back to the car to tailgate some more while I slept in the car for about 2 hours straight. Apparently Baloo did well with my friends and without my supervision. He got to meet a lot of my friends and he was social and well behaved. He also talked to Jenn's sister who is a Navy vet about the war. I feared that my hippie boyfriend would say something to offend so I kindly reminded him that Jenn's sister had been to Iraq twice and knows how to use a gun. If he said anything stupid, he was on his own.

After the tailgate we headed back to Sissy's house where we planned on taking a disco nap before heading back out to The 'Backer. A 45-minute disco nap turned into an hour worth of sleep and by the time we all woke up, no one felt like going out to the bars. Yep kids, we're officially old. Turns out it was a good thing that we didn't go out because Baloo got sick. All week he had been saying that ND kids weren't hardcore drinkers and MSU kids were the better drunks. But look who came to a Notre Dame game and got sick. I'm just saying. I stayed up with him for a good part of the night because he was in very bad shape. Apparently a man will say a lot of sweet things to you when he feels at the edge of death and you're making sure his head doesn't fall into the toilet. It was a really tender moment. Much like angles singing.

On Sunday we headed to breakfast and campus. I could tell Kipper and Dave approved of Baloo. He was friendly and crass and just a nice guy. After breakfast we took a very short tour of campus where we hit up the Grotto and The Basilica. I was determined to take my atheist (so he says) heathen boyfriend to the most religious places on campus. And I found out that his heart isn't made of stone because he was genuinely impressed by the Basilica. Score one for the Jesus camp!

After a campus tour and a trip to the bookstore (where I got attitude from this old bitty at the cash register. I promptly turned her ass in to her supervisor. Excuse me, I don't need attitude from you. Not only am I an alum, but I'm not 70 years old and working as a cashier.) Our crew headed to Dave's parents house to see Kipper and Dave's new baby, Hope. Although I think two gay men with a poodle is the gayest thing ever, I was entranced by Hope. She was very well behaved and very pretty.

After our visit at Dave's place, we went home. It was a successful weekend. Baloo really liked my friends and I think my friends approved of him too. Now he's talking about me going to meet some of his friends. We'll have to talk about this. I'm generally crass and unforgiving to new people. I feel that if I'm put in that situation, it may be the end of Baloo and Kiki. We'll see!

Next major event: My office's Christmas Party

That sounds like a good weekend! Glad Baloo is stamped and approved! I do have one comment ... where are the baby poodle pictures???


what weekend were you a part of? you failed to mention that baloo lit dr. wave on fire with jungle juice and we spent the weekend at the emergency room trying to reconstruct his face with skin from his ass.

but for all you readers, yes we approved of baloo. in fact, i think i like him more than mama kiki. probably cuz he gave some awesome head in the porta-potties. i mean, nikki did too (thats how she pays for her cell phone) but for a 'first-timer' he totally swallowed like a pro.


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