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Friday, November 10, 2006 

Bad Mamma Jamma

I almost got hit by a car last night. My experience was nothing like this one. However, it was a bit funny. I was heading out to a work function. I looked good. High heels. Stockings. The red hand was flashing and I took my chances crossing when this kid had to stop short. He never saw me. I'm the type of bad ass who doesn't scream or get scared. I stopped in my tracks and slowly turned me head and looked the driver right in the eyes. He was scared shitless. Then I gave him one of my signature glares and proceeded across the street. I'm pretty much a bad mamma jamma!

I love what you did. Looking asshole drivers in the eye is my signature move, too. It really works well.

Also, Kiki, when do you NOT look smoking hot?

Please don't get hit by any cars. I want to be able to see you in person two (and a half?) years from now.

whatever. only a silver bullet and a stake through the heart can kill you!

whatever. only a silver bullet and a stake through the heart can kill you!

The evil eye. Much more effective than flipping someone the bird.

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