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Friday, November 03, 2006 

Drivin' Along In My Automobile

Yesterday I got to second base while on the interstate. While I was driving. A manual shift car. Damn, my boyfriend is good.

didn't baloo get to second base and not you?

and where does roadhead fall in the base system?

True. I guess I was the one who was receiving so you're right. And roadhead? What's that? I've never heard of that seemingly disgusting act!

you sure as hell had it all over you chin a few hours ago

ha! You just made my day.

Sorry about making you feel old. I just get a kick out of watching those videos (the few of them that I have). Do you still remember the words to "Spread A Little Sunshine"?

Well, I think YOU are the best for not losing your concentrating and crashing the car :-).

(-: hey, if you were driving in the Detroit metro area, bonus points! (-:

Hilariouos. That is why we love you. ;)


That's awesome!

wait...i thought there was a new post tonight?

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