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Tuesday, November 14, 2006 

Ora Pro Me (Pray For Me)

My boyfriend and my best friend are meeting for the first time the weekend. Thank goodness there will be plenty alcohol involved. If Baloo can survive Kipper, then he may just make it for the office Christmas party in December. I'll keep 'ya posted.

I will pray for all those involved in this meeting.

On a side note. Kipper will love Baloo because Kipper loves you. That's the way the circle of loves goes. At least, I heard it does.

Oh my - D Day!!!

Hehe, no worries, all the men in Kiki's life share at least a little bit of dysfunction, so my guess is that they'll get along great! Plus, they are both smitten with you ... see! Something else they have in common. Have a great weekend!!

(Safe travels Kipper!)

~ Roomie

I don't think You're the one that needs praying for. Baloo better watch out!

Good Luck!

My boyfriends always hate my best friends but then my best friends are usually bitchy women and my boyfriends are um..as I like to say "not yet winners" or as my best friends like to say "losers."

This was posted 6 days ago! Don't leave us hanging! What happened?

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