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Wednesday, November 01, 2006 


Atlanta was so much fun. Here's the rundown. I got in on Friday, late. There was a lot of rain. Since it was so late and I was so tired, we decided to just get some food and call it a night. While driving home I saw my first live prostitute and her pimp! Unfortunately I didn't have immediate access to my camera. I knew this would turn out to be a fantastic trip.

On Saturday we went to the Original Chik-Fil-A. Because the service was so slow we were comped some future sandwiches. Here's a picture of the sign.

After breakfast we went to the Atlanta Notre Dame Game watch. It was fantastic. Everyone was super nice and of course Tiffy, Maya, and I were the most obnoxious people in the bar. And because we were so lively and performed all the Notre Dame cheers, people started comping our drinks! Sweet! Two venues where things were comped.

After the game watch Tiffy called one of her many bevy of men and he took us to dinner at ESPN Zone. There we watched the FLA/GA game and cheered when we saw USC lost their game! Ha! We also drank a ridiculous amount of alcohol.

After ESPN Zone we headed to Harlem Bar where I was the only one who drank. The bartender told me that he was voluntarily celibate and I took that opportunity to tell him about my private school days and how we used to wear short skirts and were spanked by the principal. Then I let him feed me cherries. I didn't leave without him giving me his number. It was all in good fun. Being out with the girls and watching the dating scene made me very grateful for Baloo. Therefore, before I passed out at 10P I decided to give Baloo a proper drunken phone call. We've now passed that important milestone in our relationship.

On Sunday we woke up early to go to the NASCAR race at the Atlanta Motor Speedway. I met this guy who works for Ganassi racing this summer and he told me that if I ever wanted to go to a race to let him know and he would hook me up. I took Tiffy with me as she has never been to a NASCAR race. Now, say what you will about NASCAR, you really have to have the full experience to really like it. And I made sure Tiffy got that experience. First off, the track is really nice. There was a mixed crowd. Tiffy thought we would be the only black people around. However, we saw our fair share of black people enjoying the race. Next, Atlanta Motor Speedway (AMS) is a corporate track. Therefore, a lot of the corporate sponsors take over the track and have their own tailgates and trailers in the infield. Meaning there are no crazy shenanigans going on. People were relatively behaved. We did see our share of the Confederate flag, and there were a lot of times when we felt uncomfortable and thought there was a possibility that we could get lynched, but that was few and far between.

Third, we had prime seating for the race: none.Meaning, we watched the entire race from the Pit.We got up and close with the drivers (see pictures below of Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, and Dale Earnhardt Jr.), and got to see everything happen up close. At one point, a chica with some hot boots passed me. I said something to the effect of "Those boots are hot!" The lady walked by without saying anything. Turns out it was Jeff Gordon's wife!

The only downer of the evening came towards the end of the race. The #40 car crashed. We were particularly concerned because this car belonged to our host. We followed the car to the garage to see the damage. While we were in the garage, the driver, David Stremme, was giving an interview. We hadn't gotten an autograph all day and we felt this was our chance. Tiffy and I waited patiently until David was free and asked very politely (and like we were actual race fans) for his autograph. He said no and waved us off! We were stunned. We didn't know who he was until our host pointed him out to us and all we wanted was an autograph Phish! No worries. I ratted his behavior out to our host. I hope someone lets him know that he did not exhibit good sportsmanship.

So overall the trip rocked. I hope y'all enjoy the pictures. We had a great time.

"I decided to give Baloo a proper drunken phone call. We've now passed that important milestone in our relationship."

Ha! Made me laugh!

But when you started talking about Nascar, I fell asleep.

Okay, I love that you saw a pimp. I also giggled at the line Mary quoted above. And I cannot even talk about how much I miss Chic-Fil-A... seriously.

i too, love the chic-fil-a... except for the fact that they're too lazy to work on sundays. don't they know there's money to be had in the after church chicken-cravin industry?

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