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Monday, November 27, 2006 

The Post Where I Talk About My Boyfriend

But first thing's first. I went over to the married couple's house for Thanksgiving and had a wonderful time. Everything was very low key and I ended up making two dishes. The original dish is one that Baloo wanted me to make. Balsamic butter glazed carrots. The next dish, Southwest Mashed Sweet Potatoes was something that I picked out. Both turned out very well and were a hit at dinner.

Baloo finally got back from visiting relatives in Chicago on Sunday. I missed him a little but told myself that it was really stupid to miss him seeing that he was only gone for 4 days. However, I found out when he got back that he was telling everyone about me and showing all his cousins my picture (I'm assuming that he didn't tell Grandpa Baloo as we've previously learned that he wouldn't be too happy about Baloo dating a black girl). I was a little embarrassed but it was his prerogative if he wanted to show me off. According to him, everyone said I was pretty (which is the most important thing) and everyone wondered what I was doing with Baloo seeing that I'm gainfully employed and own my own home while Baloo is still in grad school and renting. Ha! I'm with Baloo for reasons only I understand.

With the weather being as nice as it's been, Baloo and I went for a walk in a park near the house. And here's where I gush…because it really was a very nice walk. It was very fairy tale like for me. Sure he's not my ideal man…6'0, private school educated, making more money than me, climbing the career ladder. He's none of that. But he tells me I'm pretty and he thinks I'm pretty great and he indulges me. And we walked around the lake and held hands and watched the fish and ducks and it was all pretty perfect.

So I have these rules. Baloo is learning about all my rules and pretty much thinks most of them are hogwash. Except for the rule about turning off the light when you're not physically in a room. I'm trying to get him to do that more often. Anyway, I have this rule that nothing said or done during sex can later be brought up and used against you. Basically anything that happens before or during sex is null and void. You get a free pass. So when I happened to mutter something endearing under my breath during a very hot and heavy session, I had to promptly remind him of the rule when everything was said and done. He wasn't buying it. Damn it! This is what I get for dating a certified genius! Whatever. I'm still blaming it on the endorphins and the general sense of euphoria.

Ugh! I've said too much. This is what I get for having feelings. I'm gonna go tell a young child that Santa isn't real. That should make me feel much better.


does this mean you finally told him that your real name isn't kiki?!? congratulations!!!

What do you mean there's no Santa?!?!?!


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