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Tuesday, November 21, 2006 

Antisocial Thanksgiving

Baloo is messing up my routine. At game night the neighbor couple asked if I was doing anything for Thanksgiving since Baloo is going to Chicago for the big family shin dig. (P.S. Baloo's mother told him not to mention to Grandpa Baloo that his girlfriend is a darkie. She suggested he hold off until we got a bit more serious to give the old man a coronary. God I love the holidays!) I told them that I was staying at home so they invited me to dinner. I thought that everyone would forget but by the time Baloo and I got home on Sunday night, there was a message on my machine inviting me to dinner again. And I don't want to go.

See, I have my own holiday tradition. It usually includes double stuffed Oreos, marathon hours of DVDs (usually Will & Grace) and drinking. Which is fine. It's not like I'm sad and pathetic. It's just that I'm not real big on family and I don't like getting together for holidays. In fact, when I go home for Christmas, Daddy Kiki and I do much of the same…watching hours upon hours of movies, going to the mall, but not drinking and passing out. So I panicked a little when I got the follow-up call inviting me to dinner. I really didn't want to go.

Problem is, the neighbor couple is technically Baloo's friends. They were his friends before they were my friends and if anything ever happens to us, he'll probably most likely get them in the settlement. So, if I rejected their invitation, they could argue that I'm antisocial and I don't like them. Which isn't the case…except for the antisocial part.

A part of me just wanted to hide out in The Dungeon for the holiday so they wouldn't see my car in the driveway. But that won't work because I plan on doing a lot of major yard work that I can't put off anymore. They'd know that I was home. So I talked to Baloo about it. He basically encouraged me to go. It would be an hour or two at the most and I wouldn't be alone for 4 days straight. Part of me thinks he didn't want me to drink myself into alcohol poisoning. Little does he know that I'm a professional with my drinking.

So today I'm focusing on looking for a recipe for a side to bring over to dinner. If I remember, I'll try to take step by step pictures like Marcia. Happy Thanksgiving!

there's no harm in going for a couple of hours. and there's also no harm in showing up completely shitfaced. or encouraging others to get shitfaced. and if you go visit them, it justifies doing NOTHING for the rest of the weekend~!!

I try my hardest to forget my family but then the holidays roll around and there they are!

I am wishing I could drink, smoke, have sex with a guy who won't expect me to cook and watch movies all day tomorrow. But no such luck...I will be with my freaky family.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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