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Sunday, November 12, 2006 

Drinking Game

Baloo and I decided to host a game night on Friday night and we invited the couple from down the street. We went out and picked up Trivial Pursuit 90s Edition and the couple brought over Balderdash. While playing Trivial Pursuit, Baloo had the wonderful idea to make a drinking game using Trivial Pursuit. Because we’re much too sophisticated for the brainless, more traditional drinking games of Beer Pong and Screw the Dealer. We spent the better part of Saturday night working on the details of the game after we came home from watching Borat. (Borat was great! I totally recommend it!) So, the Instructions for Drinking Trivial Pursuit are below.

Drinking Trivial Pursuit©

Objective: Get Drunk

Materials: One (1) Deck of cards from any edition of Trivial Pursuit
One (1) Six-Sided dice

Game Play:

1) Assign color and drink assignments as follows:

Die Roll 1


1 Drink

Die Roll 2


2 Drinks

Die Roll 3


3 Drinks

Die Roll 4


4 Drinks

Die Roll 5


5 Drinks

Die Roll 6


6 Drinks

2) If dice roller answers incorrectly, he must take number of drinks corresponding to both die roll and color category. If dice roller answers correctly, all other players take one drink. Player who answers correctly gets to roll again. Example: Dice roller rolls a 2. Dice roller tries to answer a yellow question. If he answers incorrectly, he must take 2 drinks. If he answers correctly, all other players take one drink and dice roller rolls again.

3) Winner is determined when all players get bored or there is only one player left standing.

Additional Rule: If dice rolls off table, dice roller takes one (1) penalty drink and rolls again to continue play.

© Baloo & Kiki Industries

Honestly, the world is a better place now that we have this.

barbie says: 'math is hard'.

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