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Monday, January 22, 2007 

Super Bowl Shuffle

I was domestic on Saturday. Baloo and I started the morning watching a little Paula where she made some yummy cheesecake bars. Baloo asked if I would make them and then bring them in to his work so he could share with his coworkers. I didn't mind, and apparently they were a huge hit. I'm sure Baloo just wanted me to bring them in so he could show off my skills to his co-workers. And I'm ok with that!

Later that evening we went to a house party to hang out some more with his co-workers. It was a college party. After Baloo, I was the oldest person there! It was a good time, but I know I didn't belong there. We hung out in the basement and I watched some of the kids play beer pong. All I could think about were the germs that were being spread as they picked the ping pong ball off the floor and threw it into each others cups. Yeah. I'm old. However I did last till about 1:30 a.m. so I'm proud of that. However, I don't want to go out partying like that again until I've had time to prepare myself. I'm getting old.

Last, congratulations to The Colts and The Bears. This will be the first time in history that a black coach wins the Super Bowl. And let me just say something about Bears coach Lovie Smith. This man is the lowest paid coach in the NFL. Hell, I'm sure there are college coaches who make more than the $1 million that Lovie makes. However he didn't bitch and moan. He didn't say that he got paid the least because he's black. He persevered and proved himself and turned the Bears into a Super Bowl team. So I'll say this. Did Lovie get paid the least in the NFL because he's black? Maybe. It's always a consideration. However he applied himself and proved himself and delivered. He shut up all those naysayers. And I bet after the season ends, he'll be one of the best paid coaches in the League. So no matter if you're black or female, or whatever your minority status, don't think that just because you're at the bottom of the pole you need to perform like you're not a top contender. Use the resources that you have to persevere and eventually when you start producing excellent results, people will have to take notice and give you what you rightfully deserve.

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I am loving this whole "da bears heading to the superbowl" thing. I called my papa to discuss it and he was crying. Born and raised in Chi-Town. So awesome!

I'm humbled to see that you like me enough to wish me a happy birthday on both MySpace and Friendster. Not many people would do that.

I just discovered Lovie. I like him. I also like the Colts' coach. He is the only part of the Colts franchise I like.

Hard to say whether the pay has to do with skin color. I will say that it seems like African Americans in positions of power in the sports industry seem overly criticized. I believe there is a glass ceiling for minorities and women in our society but that it is slowly getting better.

I would have been worrying about those germs no matter how old I get - I think they key is not age, it's your level of drunkness!

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