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Saturday, January 13, 2007 

My Journey Into IKEA

This the the first weekend that Baloo and I have voluntarily spent doing our own separate things. And I was excited. I think I've been crabby because I need some me time. So, I decided to spend my time at IKEA. One opened up in Canton, Michigan I year or two ago and I resisted the urge to go. I kept hearing horror stories of how crowded it was. And the last thing I wanted to experience was a bunch of crazed bargain hunters in a warehouse.

However, I was excited to go this weekend. I looked online and made a list of the things I wanted to buy. I have a new budgeting goal to not use my credit card this pay period since I just paid my credit card off. I want to see how long I can stare at that pretty little zero balance. Anyway, I was smart to get to IKEA a couple hours after it opened, because it was crazy! When I entered the store, I must have looked really confused because a very nice employee gave me a map and showed me exactly how to shop in the world of IKEA. After I got the lay of the land, it was a much more pleasurable shopping experience. However, I did get a little grabby as I was amazed by the prices and I ended up putting a lot of things back before I headed to the cash register. The only item they didn't have was an under cabinet wine rack. Fortunately I have to take Baloo and his roommate to the airport at the end of the month so I can pick it up then. Canton is just too far for me to make a quick stop. I need a game plan and plenty of sustenance to survive IKEA a second time!


yay! good for you. i've walked into ikea before and left because i just couldn't handle it. there's so many people and everything wants to come home with you and if you get lost you end up bringing home bamboo and you don't know why!!!

Vi Svensk njuta av tagande din Amerikanen dollars här på IKEA.

The people of Sweden enjoy taking all your money at IKEA.

I LOVE Ikea. It is a mecca. I actually went there on Saturday for the sale and to pick up a book case. I always have fun shopping there, but I normally don't mind a crowd. Their prices are unbeatable!

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