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Monday, January 08, 2007 

The Amazing Race

Baloo and I have decided to audition for The Amazing Race. There were live auditions in Lansing last week, and since we don't wait in lines, we decided to make our own tape and mail it in. However, this is contingent on whether or not we get together to actually make the tape. I'm all organized. I even typed out talking points of things we should mention while on the tape. I've approached Baloo twice about it but he keeps procrastinating. The deadline is January 16. Maybe if I tell him that we can make a sex tape after we make our audition tape that'll spark his interest.

So, here are the reasons we should be picked:

1) He's a mountain man and I'm a priss – we're perfect opposites

2) We're next door neighbors

3) and we're dating

4) We're an interracial couple

5) I'm organized and he's more willy-nilly

6) We occasionally have tiffs (always good for TV conflict) but we're quick to resolve our tiffs as neither one of us likes to be angry

7) We haven't been together long enough to have long term goals in our relationship

8) We're terribly attractive people

We're not doing rain dances that we get picked. We just figured that it would be cool to send in an audition tape. If nothing else we can travel to Chicago for the semi-final cut and then on to LA if we make the additional cut. And, the show films during the summer months where there's a lull in my work duties (and Baloo won't be taking classes) so we could make the trip if we went all the way. Who knows. This time this year I could be $1 million richer!

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just be sure to send the audition tape and not the sex tape to CBS! (-:

forget that! send in the sex tape and you'll be bound to be picked up!

kiki on tv. just think, you could maybe meet oprah!

Yay for a rich Kiki!

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