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Wednesday, January 10, 2007 

What A Minumum Wage Hike Means to You

This morning I read these two pieces. The first is about a woman who had a good job and lost it and is now working two minimum wage dead end jobs. The second is about the impact a raise in the minimum wage will have on low wage earners as well as small businesses. Now, I don't like to talk about serious subjects on the blog, but I wanted to address a few things.

Number 1: I don't have a lot of sympathy for the woman in the first article. Maybe I'm just a hard-ass over achiever, but this woman has 3 dogs, a house, and used to have a decent paying job with benefits. Now, in Kiki world, I would get rid of all of the dogs. And because I'm feeling generous, I'll say keep one dog. But let's face it, having a dog is one more mouth to feed. And although they're her companions, she can't afford them now. Next, I would bust my ass to find a job in my field. She has the work experience. She's worked in a managerial position before. There's got to be a job out there where she can work as a manager. And if not that, work as an assistant manager until she can work up to a manager position. This includes working at the local grocery store. Oh, and Kipper also mentioned that she should get rid of her internet. I agree. That's what the library is for.

Now the reason I don't have a ton of sympathy for her is because there are obviously things she could do to change her situation. I'll compare her to the kid in the second article.

Number 2: The kid in the second article is the sole provider for his family. His mother quit her job to take care of her sick husband. The kid doesn't sound like he has an advanced education so he's doing the best he can. He goes to the store and buys 10 chimichangas and 2 burritos and has money left over. He knows how to save. He seems like he's on top of paying off his bills and seems like a responsible citizen, even though he isn't making a lot of money.

Now, not to say that Liz is like these people, I have a ton of respect for her. She's not poor by any means, but it seems like she was responsible in her quest for employment. She went on multiple interviews a day, she budgeted her money, and she limited her expenses. Then, when she realized she was in a bad situation, she decided to do something proactive and move back home. I think that's a lot more genius than having 3 dogs and still scraping the barrel every month.

Now to my opinion about raising the minimum wage. I definitely think it should be raised. The kid in the second article made $7.25 and hour and was still living mouth to foot. It won't help a ton, but it's a start. Second, I think that it sucks that small businesses lose out. I understand how one business owner said that they would have to start raising prices. However, I think it's also responsible for those of us with the means to support our small businesses. Not saying that I'm any hero, but I shop at the local farm market in town. Sure it's out of the way, but the produce is fresh and inexpensive. And while I'm buying produce I usually pick up some grocery items even if they're more expensive.

I guess I just wanted to give my commentary on the minimum wage debate. Please let me know what y'all think. I'm very interested to know.

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buy local!!! screw wal-mart. they're the devil.

I appreciate that you don't liken me to the cotton-headed ninny muggins with the dogs... It's nice to know that I have your respect. It means a lot.

I agree with the minimum wage hike, and if the lady was struggling SO bad, she would definitely not have so many dogs. Lizzle definitely handled her shit and is doing something about it. I love her for that!

I've heard both sides of the minimum wage argument and I really don't know enough about economics to create an informed opinion. You should talk to my libertarian friend if you really want a debate on this topic. I'm inclined to agree with you that the kid you mentioned is making too little money for the responsibility he is carrying; yet I can also understand the argument that raising the minimum wage would just cause prices to rise and might not really solve the problem.

This comment has been of no help to you.

Dallas' Farmer's Market is pretty good too, you know.

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