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Monday, January 15, 2007 

Conversation From This Weekend

Me: Baby, let's get a kitten and a puppy.

Baloo: Ok.

Me: But wait! What if down the road we end up having a custody battle over the pets? What will we do then?

Baloo: Well obviously I'll get the good pet.

*Disclaimer: Baloo and I are NOT getting a pet. First, we haven't been together long enough to commit to pets. Second, since I'm the one with the house (Baloo rents) I'd be stuck taking care of our little darlings. And I'm not in a position to be a single mother!

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Funny convo. I really, really want a pet, but I know I should wait till I am more stable and have a backyard for a puppy. Good idea to withhold till he can help you care for it.


Single mother! I think that all the time. The what-if-I-got-divorced-
all-on-my-own kind of thoughts. Yeah, I'm special!

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