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Monday, December 10, 2007 

Drunk Again

So I'm drunk. It was really an accident. It started with a glass of wine with my fresh slices of Parmesan and honey. Then one glass turned into four glasses while watching season 6 of Will and Grace. Then four glasses of wine turned into hunger. And hunger turned into two blue cheese stuffed olives and a shot of premium vodka. And now I'm here. In front of my computer. Not working on my take home final that's due on Friday morning. I'm so sick of writing. I've been writing for the last two weeks. Why do I have another writing assignment due. I blame the writer's strike. If they weren't on strike, I wouldn't be drunk. And listening to Kylie!

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awww - you've matured so much! the old kiki would have gotten drunk and tricked some poor defenseless man or animal into buying her things or hanging out on her front porch.

you didn't pass out on the floor and you felt guilt. i'm impressed!


For somebody who's drunk, this is an impeccably spelling and grammar error-free blog entry.

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