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Wednesday, November 21, 2007 

Never Underestimate the Power of a Mother

So looks like I'm going to Chicago for Thanksgiving.

Baloo left last night. His family came to pick him up and they all drove to Chicago to be with family. Meanwhile, I went to class. While in class I received the following text:

I know you probably wont, but please come to Chicago. you can stay the whole weekend or however long you want. if you stay the whole time I'll ride back with you. You are wanted.

I wasn't going to play his reindeer games so I told him that I was content to spend the holidays in my underwear drinking wine and watching movies, so leave me alone.

And then today I received a call from Mama Baloo. Apparently Baloo had confessed to his family that he totally dropped the ball and never invited me to spend Thanksgiving with his family. She apologized for her son and told me that he's an idiot and that I should really come to Chicago tonight. She told me to swallow my pride and just come. I can't argue with Mama Baloo. So, at 5P I plan on hitting up the grocery store to get ingredients for a side dish, and then driving the four hours to Baloo's folks' house. Wish me luck.

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LUCK! You're going to have the best time. I promise.

Good luck. Stay warm.

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