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Monday, December 10, 2007 

Let's Have Some Decorum

Baloo and I went to the theatre last night to see Spamalot. It was a lot of fun. However, I had a complaint. Why don't people get dressed up to go to the theatre anymore? When I was in high school, one of my jobs was an usher at the live thetres in town. I had to wear a tuxedo and most patrons dressed up. Of course, when Jeff Foxworthy came to town, the patrons were dressed down more, but for the most part, women wore black pants/skirts, and the men wore khakis or nice dress slacks. I was appalled last night. I saw so many people in jeans. Both young people and adults. I even saw one person wearing jeans and a Camo jacket. Come on people. If you're going to pay more than $50 for a ticket, the least you could do is wear something nice. I'm not asking for ball gowns and tiaras, but just look like you showered and tried. I was especially mad at the parents for not making their teenagers dress more appropriately. However, the parents were fashion victims as well.

Other than that, the production was great. Baloo has a great time as he really likes Monty Python, and he was able to get a picture with a part of the cast, so that made him happy as well. It's nice going out like that with him.

So, what do y'all think? Are jeans appropriate at the theatre?

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i think it depends on the show. when we went to the opera, naturally we wore suits. but when we went to avenue q, we totally just wore jeans and polos. i feel that if the puppets have sex on stage, i don't have to dress up. now, back when i was at the blt sandwhich i dressed up for all the shows i had to go to. so i think it depends on the show and when you go. matinees and weeknights performance are traditionally less dressy than a friday or saturday night.

I agree that if you go to a legitimate musical theater performance or the opera, you ought to dress for the occasion. (Avenue Q does not count as legitimate musical theater.) I also think that people - especially here in Dallas - have forgotten how to act when they go to a theater performance. That means not chatting with your friends during the show (or between scene changes or during the overtures), not clapping just whenever the hell you feel like it, and not leaving to rush to your car before the cast has taken its bows. Also, we may be in Texas, but taking your cowboy hat to the goddamn opera should be illegal.

People in this city seriously have no class.

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