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Saturday, December 01, 2007 

Sex is Unfair

I'm sitting here supposed to be working on a paper, but yet I'm thinking about sex.

Do you ever think sex is unfair? And when I say unfair, I mean unfair for women. If you want a quickie, it's almost like eating a piece of chocolate. Sure it tastes good and you can savor it, but you don't get the full shebang like boys can. I find it frustrating. It's not fair that men can get off each and every time they have sex. Yet women need perfect lighting, the right smells, and the right mood. Sorry, I don't know what brought that on. Sex with Baloo is actually great. I have no complaints. But I thought I'd just mention that.

In other news, I have a paper due on Friday. I thought said paper was due in two weeks! Oops! Fortunately for me, I've done all the research and it's on a topic that I'm intimately familiar with. I should actually be typing on this paper instead of typing on my blog. Minor details.

Does this make me a bitch? So you know Baloo's BFF, Bug Eyes, who I don't like. Well we went to Ann Arbor last night to celebrate Doug's 30th birthday. Apparently Bug Eyes and Doug went out many moons ago. Doug ended up rejecting her and Bug Eyes is still in love with him. Well I met Doug's new love interest last night. I like her. I've met her before and she has a great career and lots of money. So obviously she meets my approval. But am I a bitch because I'm glad that Doug is with someone new and happy and Bug Eyes will probably be jealous and miserable to find out that he moved on? I know, I'm evil. I better watch out. Karma is a bitch. Oh, and Doug's new love interest also has bug eyes. But she's skinny and has self made money, so she's much better than Bug Eyes. Maybe Doug has a thing for that. Who knows.

Ok, back to the paper. Wish me luck. In the comments. To prove you love me!

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so if i understand this correctly, bug eyes wants baloo's peen, was rejected by doug's peen and she's jealous of your lady peen which you want to use to poke out her bug eyes?

kipper dipper

It always struck me that to a woman, sex is more personal and fulfilling because you have to work at it, thus the payoff is better. I don't think men get that. So maybe sex is unfair, just not in the way that you think.

What exactly are "bug eyes?" I happen to find large eyes attractive on a woman. But not if they're on the side of her face and broken up into a hundred little lenses.

By the way, I got your message and I'll send you copies of those DVDs sometime this week. (They're not pornographic videos, in case anybody reading this is wondering.)

Good luck on your paper (see, I love you!) Glad to hear that things are happy again :-)

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