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Monday, December 03, 2007 

Hello New Reader

I have a new reader. Well, she's not really new. She's been reading my blog for a while but has just become a regular reader. Everyone say hello to the new chica. Also, encourage her to sign up so she can post comments. Now I' have to update more regularly to keep an audience.

So Baloo's sister-in-law is coming to visit this week. Well, she's not so much coming to visit as she has some job interviews and The Dungeon is her new hotel. And this is the week that I have TWO 20+ papers due! I'm anxious to meet her, but it's just really bad timing. So anyway, I got kinda peeved at Baloo last night. Because I like being passive aggressive. I was kinda peeved at Julie (his sis-in-law) because she has made all these plans about her schedule and no one has communicated anything to me. No phone call or email or anything. But Baloo was a good boyfriend and cleared the air last night and we've been exchanging emails. I think I'll like her because her husband (Baloo's brother) told me that I was just like Julie. The only thing I hate about Julie already? She's hella skinny. Like 'had an eating disorder in the past' skinny. And you know how I feel about people being thinner than I am even though grad school is turning me into a 700 pound obese pig!


Oh, well, as long as she likes to drink and make fun of others, I'm sure we'll get along famously.

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does she have a pocket gay? that's the real test of whether or not we'll like her...

I read this post, and I thought, "I want to drink and make fun of others with you!!!" Because I do. It's totally been too long.

marcia you make an EXCELLENT point to remind us all of what's really important in life, especially in this holiday season


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