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Thursday, December 06, 2007 

What Should I Name This Post?

Baloo's Sister-in-law, Julie comes into town today. I'm really nervous. When Baloo told me that I may get home before he does and I'll have to meet her by myself I totally balked at that. I'm determined to go to Target or Best Buy after class just so I don't have to meet her by myself.

Baloo and I have been arguing lately about his inability to be a grownup. I think that I bear most of the responsibility in the relationship and I called him on it. So we've been dealing with that for the past couple of days. He broke down and told me last night that all he has to bring to the relationship is his student loan debt. And he's afraid of that. Finally! We get to some answers! I don't plan on helping Baloo out with his student loans. That's his debt. Just like my loans and my mortgage are my debt. But I will try to help him spend his money wisely and we'll get through it together.

I was also complaining (I'm on a roll) about how I'm not comfortable with Julie staying with me because I don't know her. Baloo told me that there's nothing we can do now but make the best of the situation and I need to "just deal with it." WHAT? Did he just talk back to me and take control of the situation and shut me up? OMG! He totally did! And I liked it! I didn't have a leg to stand on after he said that. I like the new take control Baloo.

And he ended by saying, "If you want to be a part of the family, you have to get along with the family. And Julie is part of the family. So play nice. I know you're going to love her." And that was that. I guess if I want to get serious about being a part of the family, I have to play nice.

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I hope all goes well with his sister.

I like your mentality that your debts are your debts and his debts are his debts... Until it's all fancy and legal, where you are bound by law and somewhat responsible for each other to a certain degree, that's the way it should be. Suze Ormann would agree with me.

Actually, I don't plan on helping him with his loans if we got married. I feel that's his debt that he acquired before he met me, so it should be his responsibility to pay it back himself. Just like my mortgage and my student loans were taken out before I met him. I don't think any joint money should go to pay for debt we established when we were not together.

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