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Friday, December 07, 2007 

Not Quite Sure

I don't know how I feel about Baloo's Sister-in-law, Julie.

First, let me explain something. I don't have a lot of family. And I LOVE it that way. I don't like to have a ton of people around. I have a total of 5 friends, and I like my life uncomplicated and quiet. I guess you can say when it comes to friends and family, I'm very conservative. Growing up, we didn't have a lot of people coming in and out of the house. Daddy Kiki didn't have any outside friends, and we liked our life that way. Ok. So let me tell the story.

I came home last night in between work and class to stop by and meet Julie. When I walked in the door, Old Man Baloo and Baloo were coming from downstairs where it had appeared Baloo gave his dad the grand tour. Already I wasn't happy. I don't like strangers going all through my house. And I don't like Baloo giving a tour of my house like it belongs to him. I didn't say anything at the time, but I took notice.

Old Man Baloo also liked to touch things. I grew up in a house where everything was nice and in it's place. It's not that I couldn't touch things. That wasn't the case. It was just that when I went to someone else's house, I was very behaved. I kept my hands in my lap, sat quietly, and only spoke when I was spoken to. Old Man Baloo was everywhere. He was examining my cell phone, which I laid on the counter. He constantly was going to the window pulling back the sheers to see if his buddy was up the street. (This would have been a no no in my house!)

Then Julie finally came out of the shower. We only spoke for a second because I had to jet off to class and she was getting ready to go to a dinner.

I was concerned because Julie would be returning back to my house before I returned from class, and before Baloo got off work. That meant I'd have to face Julie on my own. At first I thought I would just stall and run errands, but then I thought, "This is my house. I shouldn't have to hide from MY house." So I went to the store, picked up a bottle of Ketel One and some blue cheese stuffed olives, and headed home.

And that's when Julie and I spent some one on one time together. I went in an offered her a drink. She refused. We were already off the wrong start. She explained that she does drink, but that she didn't want to drink so late at night before her interview. No excuse! Besides, we were only having one drink, and I thought it would help break the ice. So I sat on the couch and watched Grey's (which I never see due to class) and she went into the office and worked on my computer. Ok. She came and watched the last 15 minutes of Grey's with me. She was really quiet and shy. And I was trying to be more open as well. During the commercials they were showing clips from the upcoming Barbara Walters Special of the 10 Most Fascinating People. When I saw Vickie B. I announced to no one in particular, "I LOVE HER." And I do. I love Vickie B. I feel like I could drink with her and make fun of people. And I feel she would call me names cause I'm not as thin as her and then I'd develop and eating disorder and we'd become even greater friends. That's how I see it working out. Anyway, so I tell Julie that I love Vickie B. and she gives me this look. I tell her that Vickie is very down to earth and funny and that bitch face she puts on is just an act. "Why would anyone not want to let people see the real them?" Julie asked. Oh dear. I wanted to tell her that it's always better to be aloof, because people are evil and only a select few should know your real personality (this coming from a girl who had about 3 aliases when she was single and dating). Julie didn't agree. I wasn't liking this.

She ended up going to bed before Baloo came home. I asked her what her plans were for the rest of the week seeing that her flight doesn't leave until Tuesday. She said she didn't know. She asked if she could leave her stuff here. She might go up north and spend some time with Baloo's family. But she didn't know. It kills me that she doesn't have firm plans.

I talked to Baloo about it last night. He brought up the fact that Old Man Baloo thought the house was properly constructed. That's when I told Baloo that it's not his house and he had no right to take his father on a tour of MY house. He said he was sorry and he understood. I don't think I'll ever be Julie. Julie is voluntarily going up north to spend time with Baloo's mother without the protection of her husband. I could/would never do that. I fear I may get drunk and insult someone or just plain be mean. Not because I don't like his family. But because it's what I do when I feel uncomfortable. I drink and say inappropriate things. It happens. Baloo said he didn't want me to be Julie and if I never want to spend and unsupervised afternoon with his mother, he completely understands. And he's understanding how I like MY things and I don't like to share and he's going to have to respect that.

So that's my story about meeting Julie. I just feel that our families are totally different. Daddy Kiki is very proper. Our family doesn't talk about things. Save that we're black, we'd make the perfect WASPs. We're a bit uptight with strangers, we're fairly judgmental, we have proper manners, we don't touch things, we're not loud, and we only like our own. God help us all if these two families ever meet!

Update: I forgot to add that Julie has yet to provide me with a 'thanks for letting me crash at your place' gift. I find that very rude and not at all proper etiquette.

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