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Monday, October 22, 2007 

Where to Live?

Baloo and I caught the last part of the Broncos v. Steelers game last night on TV. It was played in Denver. I was alarmed because all the coaches on the sideline were bundled in big poofy coats. Meanwhile, I had to open the windows and turn a fan on in Lansing because it was so hot. Baloo remarked that it had snowed in the city of Denver recently. I immediately marked it off my 'places I want to move with Baloo' list.

See, Baloo really wants to move to Denver once I finish with my Master's. He wants to live near the mountains and ski all the time. He tried to sell me on Denver because he said it NEVER snows in the city, only in the mountains. I believed this lie until last night. And I refuse to live anywhere else where it snows. So I told him that Denver is out. I'm really trying to get us to move to Phoenix. He's ok with that idea, I think he's just deathly afraid of the heat. You have to remember that Baloo is a bear. And he's afraid that he will melt when the heat hits all his fur. You can understand.

So, being the ever thoughtful girlfriend I am, I decided to take this quiz to get ideas on places where we should live. What do you think?

01) Little Rock, Arkansas
02) Portland, Oregon
03) Las Vegas, Nevada
04) Honolulu, Hawaii
05) Shrevepot, Louisiana
06) Baton Rouge, Louisiana
07) Fayetteville, Arkansas
08) Charleston, West Virginia
09) Albuquerque, New Mexico
10) Cincinnati, Ohio
11) Knoxville, Tennessee
12) Monroe, Louisiana
13) Alexandria, Louisiana
14) Hartford, Connecticut
15) Charlotte, North Carolina
16) Greenville, South Carolina
17) Nashville, Tennessee
18) San Bernardino, California
19) Sacramento, California
20) Memphis, Tennessee
21) Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
22) Charleston, South Carolina
23) Washington, D.C.
24) Chattanooga, Tennessee

What do y'all think? I don't think Baloo is going to be happy with all of the Southern options. We both have to think about how those Southerners will take to our sweet sweet interracial loving. But I could see myself living in a few of these cities. Anyone have any experience with any of these cities?


Please don't move to Little Rock.

I've tried writing a blog entry about the Homecoming alumni barbecue, but I don't how to say "nobody showed up" and stretch it across an entire paragraph. I should just say something about how all of the changes made to the school since I graduated depress me.

Honestly, it snows in Denver very very very rarely. And you could live in LoDo and it would be so much fun! I would move back there myself, but a) Matt would kill me, and b) my parents now have a condo there and live there about 1/2 the time, and I couldn't do that.

When it does snow, it doesn't stick for very long. But if you moved to Boulder, it would snow even less...

And also - Phoenix is a shithole. If you move to AZ, do Tucson. It's so so so much nicer - and less hot.

Vegas is fun, but not somewhere for a couple. You also mgiht want to live outside of Vegas if you plan to raise kids. I like Phoenix, especially Scottsdale. Whitey has a house there and it rocks.

I second the idea of Tucson.

San Bernadino, CA is ghetto - don't bother. I happen to like Raleigh, NC, you should definitely move there!


I have been to Knoxville TN. I love it. I really love Memphis TN too. Also, I have family in New Mexico. My favorite city in New Mexico is Las Cruces along the border. But if you are going to move to the southwest what is the point of moving to New Mexico when you love Texas so much. If you go SW might as well go to Texas.

Anyway, from what I have read of your blog, I think you are an east coast kind of gal: high powered, high energy.

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