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Wednesday, October 10, 2007 


I had a funky dream last night about Baloo and his friends.

We were all at my house and they were basically running the place. His best friend *Linda (who I totally don't like and I think I've mentioned that before) was downstairs on my bed trying to hit on his friend *Dan who just doesn't like her. Basically she was being desperate. And although I love to laugh at others making a fool of themselves, I scolded her and told her to leave.

Then, the girl who didn't invite Baloo to her wedding (because his ex was there) came into the house with her new husband. I politely wrote her a letter (I don't know where I found the time to write a letter) and read it out loud to everyone who was there. The letter basically said that because she was a bitch to Baloo, she was not welcome in my home. However, I did identify some no-tell-motels for her and her husband to visit while they were in town.

I'm not sure what the dream meant. To be perfectly honest, I really don't like Baloo's friends. Well, I like his friend *Dan, but that's because Dan is attractive. And everyone likes attractive people. But what I hated most about the dream is that Baloo defended his friends over me. Although in the dream his friends were being rude and not acting like good guests, Baloo kept saying that I was too uptight. It reminded me of a couple weekends ago. Baloo, *Mike, and I were hanging out at Baloo's place watching movies and grilling out. *Mike very audibly farted and belched and they thought it was funny. I asked them to stop a few times, and when they continued to do it, I got up and left and went home. It wasn't a big deal, but I think that behaviour is gross, and shouldn't be done in front of a lady. Call me old fashioned.

Anyway, that was my dream. Fortunately I don't spend a lot of time with his friends, but I feel like they're not the classiest bunch (that includes the girls) and I really don't like them at all.

Update: Oh, and I found a picture of Baloo's ex on myspace. I wish I was evil enough to post it here to let everyone in on how much better I am than her. (Hmm...I'm in an evil mood today, aren't I?!)

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listen skanks! mama kiki needs comments are the blog will be shut down. STEP UP!!

Evil mood today? It's probably more appropriate to say that you were having a few really nice days before, and now you're back to your normal self. I only say these things because I love you...

~ Roomie

The blog's going to be shut down? Is this like the movie "Speed?" You've got to accrue a certain number of comments or Sista SLedge.r's going to explode?

If you're bothered by a dream, it's usually because the dream is telling you something about yourself that you don't like. Maybe you should try to open yourself up and give yourself the chance to like Baloo's friends, or at least ignore the farting and burping and try to find good things to like about these people. It seems like you're worried that Baloo is choosing his friends over you. If you're having trust issues in your relationship, maybe you should tell Baloo about this dream and see what he has to say about it.

See? Aren't you glad that you're extorting people to reply to this blog post?

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