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Monday, October 09, 2006 

Off the Market…Sorta

After the disappointment with David, I decided that I was taking myself off the market. Not that I was ever on the market in the first place. In fact, I was never actively seeking anything in the first place. I just decided that I would focus more on myself than on other people.

Old Man called and wanted to take me to lunch so I met him in Detroit on Saturday (don’t worry. I didn’t make a trip out specifically to see him. I had things to do on my own.). During the course of lunch, Old Man made it clear he wanted me back. I think I knew for sure when he said, “We were so good together. Remember when I (insert sexually explicit language). That was great. We could be like that again.” Wow. There’s nothing classier than an over the hill man waxing sexually explicit language at a very nice restaurant over lunch. I told Old Man very frankly that I’m done with people…him included. I made sure to order something expensive and naturally he paid the bill.

On Saturday night I went to a get together down the street.

Backstory: I met this very nice couple in February. They live at the end of my block. I invited my next door neighbor (we’re gonna call him Baloo and I’ll explain that later. Just stick with me) to my Superbowl party. In our drunken clarity Baloo suggested that I meet the nice couple because they are awesome people. This turned into our drunk asses showing up at their doorstep at like 11 at night randomly. Since then every time husband sees me he comes to speak and he invited me down to their house for a party.

So I get to the couple’s house and we sit around drinking and talking. During the course of the evening, one girl brought out her knitting since we were just sitting around and talking and I got real excited. I too am working on a knitting project for Daddy Kiki and I ran back to The Dungeon to get it. So we knitted. It was cool. I must also take the time to tell you right now that there wasn’t a person over 35 at this party. I’m telling you, we party hard.

Now, while we’re knitting and having beers, Baloo walks in. I haven’t talked to Baloo since my party and he lives right next door to me. I’m not sure what happened but neither of us called each other afterwards and we fell out of touch. I was kinda disappointed because Baloo and his roommate are pretty cool and I thought it would have been cool for us to be able to get together. Anyway, Baloo comes to the knitting bee and we say hello. Nothing more. A few hours later people leave and the hostess passes out so the host, Baloo, and I go back to Baloo’s house to continue the evening where we drink some more and watch episodes of Family Guy. And for some reason I thought that Family Guy was the most fucking hilarious thing I had ever seen.

And I spent the night.

And then later on Baloo came over to The Dungeon to watch Desperate Housewives and he subsequently spent the night. It’s good to be back on top…and bottom.

So now we must get to the reasoning for Baloo’s nickname. Naturally, after giving Kipper the play by play of the evening’s events, he came up with the nickname. Baloo actually works in the forest. Well, not really. He’s getting his Masters to work in the forest and save trees or something. He’s kinda a hippie. Not a ‘I don’t shower or eat meat’ hippie. More of a ‘I understand we must protect the environment and I want to make money doing that just not so much money that I lose touch with ‘the people’ and become part of the bourgeois.’ Which is cool with me. I’m getting laid either way. Oh yeah, so his name is Baloo because he works with trees. And also for another reason that I will go into on a later date…maybe I’ll share it with you if Baloo and I can stick it out for a month.

So back to the title of the post. I’m still off the market. The situation with Baloo means nothing. Again, I’m definitely a proponent of booty calls and hooking up. Especially since I have the ability to call him for a booty call and he can be at my doorstep in less than 30 seconds (you have to admit, that shit is pretty cool!). But I definitely don’t want this thing with Baloo to get deep. He’s my neighbor. I don’t see him everyday, but come on, he lives less than 100 feet away from me. I’m smart enough to keep this strictly physical.

you forgot the best part of your weekend... that you walked home sunday morning barefoot!

now that's a booty call i can get behind. HA!

Well, another little benefit is that any "walk of shame" moments are kept to an absolute minimum... And that's pretty hot!

Perfect situation!

ps Knitting party followed by hook up with a hippie!
See, that is why your blog is interesting to read. You are totally unpredictable.

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