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Thursday, October 25, 2007 

It's the Little Things

So I'm going to the drive up pharmacy to fill my prescription, and this guy in a red truck totally cuts me off so he can get in line first. So, I get pissed, park my car in the parking lot and go into the store to get my prescription. Naturally I get faster service. And as the pharmacist was ringing me up, I looked out the drive through window and told the pharmacist, "that guy cut me off to get here first and I've already gotten my prescription and I'm ready to leave." The pharmacist was appalled and proceeded to do other things, ignoring the man in the red truck how was waiting to be served.

That is one of those little victories that just improves one's day... Hell, just hearing your tale has improved mine!

I love it when assholes get what they really deserve.

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