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Monday, October 08, 2007 

The Official 400th Post

A year ago this weekend, I took myself off the market. And a whole year later, Baloo and I celebrated our very first anniversary. Now, most people probably won't think this is a big deal. But, seeing as previously my longest relationship lasted for 3 months, I was pretty excited about going for a year.

Baloo and I went out for dinner at Ukai in East Lansing. It was nice. There wasn't too much pressure since the eating was family style. Our waitress happened to be a bitch, but we just had fun being out together. I took another look at the pictures from the evening. Poor Baloo. He's not the best dresser by any means necessary. Although I didn't dare say anything to him, when I saw what he was wearing, but heart sighed. He tried. He basically put together two of his nicest pieces, even though they didn't match. Bless his heart. I know he'll be getting matching outfits for his birthday and Christmas.

So yeah, we didn't do presents because we're both broke, but dinner was our present to each other. Then we came home and watched American Beauty.

So it was a wonderful night all around.

Oh, and I almost forgot. So, this weekend, Baloo's parents came into town for the MSU football game, as they do most home weekends. They invited us to dinner with them and also let us know that Baloo's Grandpa would be joining us. I just about freaked out. Last year Baloo apparently took my picture with him when he went to visit family over the Thanksgiving Holiday. His mom was cautious of Baloo waving my picture around to grandpa. Basically she wanted to make sure that we actually had a chance of lasting before we killed poor grandpa with our interracial love. So, when we went out to dinner with the old man, I was apprehensive. I don't know why. If there's one thing I know, it's old men. Hell, if I was on my game and Baloo wasn't there, I probably could have charmed the old man out of some money! Anyway, the old man loved me. He liked the fact that I actually listened to his stories and I knew a hell of a lot about football. When dinner was over and we said our goodbyes, he told Baloo the he needed to lose weight, he gave me a hug and said he hoped to see me again, and then 'whispered' to Baloo to let him know if Baloo had any 'announcements' to make in the future. So I've totally won with the family. The only other person I need to meet is Baloo's sister-in-law and his cousins and aunt and uncles and such. But I'm sure I'll do well with them too.

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congratulations baloo and kiki! just cuz it's so sweet, i won't even say anything rude or snarky! consider it my gift to the both of you.

Nice work - I understand why you would have been worried, but I also know that you are able to charm most people out of their pants if you wanted to. I'm glad the family meeting went well!

~ Roomie

lOOk @ ms. KiKi all grown'd up! TtYssssss.....gotz LoAdz 2 tell Ya.

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