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Monday, December 04, 2006 

Daddy Kiki, Meet Baloo

Daddy Kiki met Baloo tonight. Well, he saw a picture of him. Daddy Kiki has always loved taking pictures of me. Being an only child and him being a photographer, he always wanted to take pictures of me as a child, and I grew to love being photographed. So, whenever I take pictures, Daddy Kiki usually likes me to share. Especially if the pictures are of me. Since Baloo took some pictures of me all dressed up before the auction on Friday night, I decided to share them with Daddy Kiki. Baloo and I took a couple pictures together and they were in the mix too.

Now, Daddy Kiki knows that I date white guys. He’s never met any of my boyfriends because none of them have been significant enough or stuck around long enough to get an introduction. But I am good about dropping hints. Like when I dated Smitty and I told Daddy Kiki that we went to a hockey game and Smitty explained the rules to me since he played hockey in high school. What black guys do you know who play hockey?

So I was a little nervous about showing Daddy Kiki Baloo’s picture. Previously we had just talked about Baloo. I told him that Baloo is getting his masters in trees. So obviously he knew Baloo probably wasn’t black. It’s not a typical thing black people really get masters in. So before, Baloo was just an idea. For all he knew, I made him up. Which he wouldn’t really put past me. So I sent Daddy Kiki my pictures. His response, “Beautiful pictures.” I’m a bit relieved. He’s prone to write me long drawn out emails when he thinks I’m doing something inappropriate (drinking too much) but he was short and sweet and simple. And the pictures were beautiful. Score one for Team Kiki! Next task: convincing Baloo he’s not an atheist.

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(-: I imagine it is important for the two men in your life to like each other.

PS Are you sure there isn't a black person in this country who isn't studying trees or playing hockey??

knowing daddy kiki, he probably didn't look far enough to see baloo's pictures. you know how he doesn't pay attention to anything...

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