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Sunday, December 03, 2006 


So I hate my internet. I spent all this time typing a post just to find out that my inet wasn't connected and I lost the whole thing. Ok. Let's start over.

This weekend was pretty chill. They were forecasting the storm of the millinenum this weekend so I had the good sense to bring home work on Friday. Troube was, the weather wasn't that bad. And as the person who lives the closest to work, I decided that it was much too dangerous to go in. Bossman called my bluff and said I was playing hookey. Whatever, I got some good work done anyway.

On Friday night I went to my volunteer organization's auction. It was a lot of fun. Naturally I dressed to the nines and everyone commented on my dress. I ended up getting a one nights stay at The English Inn. I thought Baloo and I could use it to get away. Little did I know that the Inn is literally 20 minutes from where we live and the free night was only for Monday - Thurs. D'oh! Oh well, I'm gonna see if I can negotiate some sort of deal.

When I got back home, Baloo had invited the couple down the street over and we played some computer game called 'You Don't Know Jack.' From this, game night was born. Since we like games so much and we tend to be a bit competitive, I suggested that we start game night ala Will & Grace. We'll have a game every other weekend and it will be hosted at the alternate house each time. Because winning is everything, we even decided that a trophy should be purchased from the local second hand shop to commemmorate each grop's victory. I'm totally stoked. I want to win every time!

On Saturday Baloo invited me to meet two of his good friends. So, we drove to Flint to hang out. By the time we got there, our host's daughter was still awake. She's two. And y'all know how I feel about children. however, I didnt' want to make a bad impression, so I sucked it up and played playdough with the kid for a while. I think everyone was delightfully deceived. Fantastic. I made sure to wash my hands of the child germs when she was finally put to bed.
Baloo's friends were very nice. They appreciated the fact that I not only laughed at their inappropriate jokes, but I made some myself. And i held my liquor well. Bravo to me. Overall, it turned out to be a successful meeting and a successful weekend.

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