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Thursday, October 26, 2006 

Ebony & Ivory

Let me start out by saying that I in no way support the idea of children. I think they're messy, they spread germs, and are expensive. However, that being said, how cool is this?! I always imagined that if I finally broke down and had kids I'd want one white one and one black one. But I'd adopt them. My hoo-ha is strictly an entrance only. Plus, I have a fear of gaining baby weight. But really, isn't
this one of the most awesome things you've seen?

AWWW! I want some kids like that, too. I'm terrified of something coming out of my front bottom.

That is way cool! It totally illustrates how genetically the differences of skin color are not significant. It's only people's attitudes that cause there to be cultural divides of any kind: skin color, religion, nationality, favorite football teams...

For example, I am a UofM fan, you are one of those Notre Dame people. I still like your blog!

ps so what are the chances of twins being born, one a ND fan and one a UofM fan?

The cute one will be the U of M fan : )

Hoo-Ha ... I love it.

Go Irish,

Well, at least no one will have to worry about getting them mixed up!

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